Microsoft Edge Will Now Show Bookmarks and People in Autosuggest for Microsoft Search in Bing

Microsoft yesterday announced in a blog post the introduction of Bookmarks and People in search suggestions in the Edge browser for Microsoft Search in Bing (earlier known as Bing for Business).

The new Edge feature will show Bookmarks and People in the suggestions when typing in the address bar of the browser. The address bar suggestions were limited to websites and web history in the past. The new update opens the possibility of finding a person’s contact right from the address bar and start typing an email in no time.

There is a possibility that suggestions in Edge browser might be integrated to Cortana in some way. The feature is, however, limited to Enterprise Windows users currently. According to Microsoft, improvement in search suggestions will save the users’ time and that is why we think they targeted it at Enterprise users.

People and bookmarks showing up in search suggestions

As a team, we are always striving to help users find what they are looking for in the most efficient way possible. As users click on these suggestions, we can better rank which bookmarks and people show up for which queries within a tenant. We’ll continue to add these autosuggestions across various endpoints to meet users where they are”, the blog post reads.

You will need Microsoft Edge version 1709 with Fall 2017 Creator’s update or newer apart from being an Enterprise Windows user and a member of a MSB public preview tenant to take advantage of the new Edge OneBox feature. The company said that besides Bookmarks and People, autosuggestions for Q&A, Locations and more content will also be added soon.

Sahas Arya
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