Microsoft Edge Surf Game Hidden Easter Egg In New Chromium-Based Web Browser Gets New Ninjacat Activated By Secret Konami Code

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge web browser has been receiving several feature additions, Recently the new Microsoft Edge web browser received an interesting but hidden mini-game. The Edge Surf Easter Egg Mini Game has now received Ninjacat, an interesting avatar.

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser recently received ‘Surf’ an Easter Egg mini-game hidden within. Accessing the Surf mini-game is quite easy as it requires a simple URL to be typed inside the Address/Search bar. However, the Ninjacat character or avatar can be obtained by hitting out a secret code, which appears to be a tribute to Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the man behind Konami.

How To Access The Surf Mini-Game And Ninjacat Characters Inside New Microsoft Edge Web Browser?

Microsoft recently integrated the Surf mini-game into the Chromium Edge browser in Dev and Canary versions. There are, in fact, three new gaming modes and plenty of new features within the Chromium-based web browser. Surf is about surfing as far as possible without colliding with obstacles such as corals, buoys and other surfers. The Left and Right Arrow govern direction, while the Spacebar offers the ability to perform tricks to avoid the obstacles.

The Edge Surf game is available at the edge://surf page. Simply put, to access the game, enter the aforementioned URL within the Address Bar. Incidentally, the min-game works even offline on any page similar to Chrome T-rex (chrome://dino has additional arcade mode).

Ninjacat has been a part of Windows 10 OS, but only as an emoji. The character has been widely used by Windows insiders and fans to create Ninjacat wallpapers. The character was recently added inside the Surf min-game. The character doesn’t appear in a straightforward manner. It can be considered as an Easter Egg, inside another Easter Egg.

Accessing the Ninjacat character inside the Edge Surf mini-game requires players to use secret code on the game page (URL when online) or on any page when not connected to the Internet (similar to Chrome’s offline or no connectivity page).

To play as the Ninjacat character, players must first start the game. Once the game starts, do not enter the default playing keys, like the Left and Right Arrow Keys, and Spacebar. Additionally, do not press any buttons on the Mouse. Instead, press the following keys in exact sequence quickly: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → ba). The browser self-confirms the keys entered and changes the character. It is important to note that any score made with Ninjacat avatar is not recorded.

Neither Surf Mini-Game Nor Ninjacat Character Available To All General Microsoft Edge Users:

Microsoft has introduced the Surf mini-game inside the new Edge browser in version 82.0.423.3. However, there’s no confirmed general availability of the game. In other words, the Surf mini-game is only being distributed gradually, and many users might not have received the same. The only way to check if the game is present is to enter the URL mentioned earlier and hit Enter. If received, the mini-game will launch inside the Edge Browser Tab.

The other interesting about the dual Easter Eggs is the fact that the code needed to enter the mini-game is known as the Konami Code. It has been used during the game launches and select actions to gain benefits. In the recent past, Opera, another popular web browser, allowed its users to enable power user settings through the Konami Code.

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Microsoft Edge Surf Game Hidden Easter Egg In New Chromium-Based Web Browser Gets New Ninjacat Activated By Secret Konami Code

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