Microsoft Edge’s “Split Screen” Feature Reportedly in Testing

Users of Windows are already familiar with the concept of split screens, but Microsoft is now working on bringing a feature very similar to this one to Microsoft Edge. The world’s largest software company has begun testing a new feature for its Edge web browser called “Split screen,” which will enable users to be more productive as they surf the internet. It is now conducting tests with Edge Insiders to evaluate the functionality of the feature. 

Reddit user Leopeva64-2 was the one who made the first discovery of the functionality, and it is now accessible via an experimental flag in the beta, dev, and canary versions of Microsoft Edge. When this feature is turned on, a new button appears to the right of the address bar that allows you to divide an Edge window into two distinct tabs that may be seen side by side.

Microsoft Edge tabs in a new side-by-side view.
Image: Leopeva64-2 via Reddit

While Windows already allows you to compare tabs side-by-side by sliding a tab and then utilizing the built-in Windows split views, doing so may be tricky until you pull the tab to the right or left side of your display. Without needing to move your tabs around or start a new browser window, Edge’s built-in split view makes things simpler with just one click.

Users may access applications and webpages without diverting their attention away from the current web page thanks to Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar functionality. However, the “Split screen” feature has certain restrictions. For instance, Sidebar prevents you from accessing the browser settings. However, “Split screen” gives users the option to change the size of their tabs anytime they choose, much as the Sidebar does. A new option to open a link in a split screen will also appear when you right-click on it. This is also quite helpful, particularly if you already have a ridiculous number of tabs open.

With its tab-tiling function, which even allows you to stack up to four tabs in various layouts inside of a single window, Vivaldi provides a comparable capability. Currently, Microsoft Edge can only open two tabs simultaneously. To provide a better window management functionality for browser tabs outside of only Windows, Microsoft is actively testing this in Linux and macOS as well.


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