Microsoft Edge Preview Build v81 With New Toolchain Optimizations Tested On Windows 10 Promises Performance Boost

Microsoft has been extensively testing the new Chromium-based Edge web browser, and the latest Preview Build is claimed to be substantially better at tackling intensive tasks. Owing to the new “Toolchain Optimizations”, the new Microsoft Edge web browser is supposed to be much better at handling general browsing workloads.

Speedometer 2.0 Benchmark Test Results On New Edge Preview Build Promises Double-Digit Performance Improvements:

The latest Preview Build of the new Microsoft Edge Web Browser is on version 81.0.389.0. Microsoft claims the new version, when tested on Windows 10 64-bit, showed double-digit performance gains. The Windows OS maker reportedly compared the new Preview Build to the currently available stable release of the Edge browser.

Microsoft tested the new Microsoft edge Preview Build 81.0.389.0 on Windows 10 1909 (OS Build 18363.592). The test platform consisted of a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (Intel Core i5-8250U CPU 1.60GHz and 8 GB RAM). As is the general norm, the device wasn’t running any other applications, and no additional browser tabs were open.

When compared to Microsoft Edge v79, the Microsoft Edge build 81.0.389.0 showed a jump of about 13 percent in Speedometer 2.0 Benchmark, available on Speedometer measures performance by simulating user interactions in a sample web app across a number of DOM APIs and popular JavaScript frameworks used by top sites. Microsoft assures the platform is regarded as a good proxy for real-world performance across a number of different subsystems including the DOM, JavaScript engine, layout, and more.

The Microsoft Edge build 81.0.389.0 is a Preview Build. Microsoft is getting the build ready for its beta rollout. The company expects to release the Beta Build of Microsoft Edge v81 in this month itself. Microsoft has urged testers to evaluate the performance of the browser, and asked developers to try out these improvements by comparing performance in the latest Dev or Canary builds to Microsoft Edge v80 or earlier.

The new Microsoft Edge browser’s stable release for Windows 10 launched earlier this year. It has replaced the old web browser of the same name. The earlier variant was running on Microsoft’s own code, but the new Edge browser runs on Google’s Chromium engine. Both the companies have been improving their own browsers, and Microsoft has been quite helpful in improving the same.

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Microsoft Edge Preview Build v81 With New Toolchain Optimizations Tested On Windows 10 Promises Performance Boost

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