Microsoft Edge Latest Beta Version Has Sync Across Windows 10 and Android For Seamless Web Access Across Devices

The latest version of the Microsoft Edge web browser offers to sync tabs across connected and authorized Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones. The browser can also sync the user’s history. It is not clear why, but to date, the chromium-based browser could only sync other types of content, including favorites, form-fill, and passwords.

Microsoft Edge Beta for Android now allows users to sync tabs across to Microsoft Edge on PC. The update also introduces the option to sync history across the different versions of Edge on different devices. The feature is likely in A/B testing, or at minimum, is rolling out gradually to Edge Beta users.

New Microsoft Edge Beta Version Available For Download:

Microsoft has introduced the Tabs and History sync in the latest Beta version of Microsoft Edge web browser. The latest beta version of the browser is Edge already supports syncing several types of content, including favorites, form-fill, and passwords.

Incidentally, Microsoft Edge also has a feature that allows users to send open websites from their mobile device to their PC. While this method is preferable for a few tabs, syncing tabs is a quicker way to sync multiple pages across devices.

The same settings page that shows options for syncing tabs, favorites, and other content also has a checkbox for syncing payments. However, for reasons yet unknown, Microsoft hasn’t turned on access to this feature. It is quite likely that the company might introduce an additional warning, authentication, or authorization in between.

Syncing history is also a nice addition, as users can find content, they viewed on one device and quickly open it on another device. This works even if the user has closed the content on the original device. Needless to mention, with the addition of syncing support for tabs and history, Edge is quite close to offering a completely in-sync setup across platforms.

In other words, it won’t matter where or on which device the user has accessed a webpage or content. With History and Tabs synced, users can seamlessly move or continue their browsing to other devices without breaking their link.

Microsoft Edge, the new Chromium-based browser, is available for Android and iOS.

Alap Naik Desai
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