Microsoft Earned $2.9 Billion from Game Pass in 2021

According to reports, Xbox Game Pass memberships on consoles brought Microsoft over $2.9 billion in income in 2021. Tweaktown noticed that a tiny table detailing the details was included in a long study by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) on Microsoft’s planned purchase of Activision Blizzard.

The figure, whose source, according to CADE, is Microsoft, shows that Xbox earned $2.9 billion from “game subscription services for consoles,” or Xbox Game Pass, globally. It’s important to note that the CADE report does not disclose real profit, and the sales amount excludes the PC Game Pass.

Image: CADE via Tweaktown

According to Tweaktown, this indicates that Xbox Game Pass accounted for close to 30% of Microsoft’s total games and services sales ($12.581 billion) and around 18% of the company’s overall Xbox revenues ($16.28 billion) during the period. By matching those data to subscribers as of that time, we may go even further. Although we can’t be quite certain since Microsoft only sometimes discloses Xbox Game Pass subscription data, between August 2021 and March 2022, Xbox Game Pass’ user base increased from 15 million to 18 million. Consequently, we might estimate a range of $2.9 billion in sales from 15–18 million members across PCs and consoles.

The data also states that Nintendo Switch Online generated $932 million in sales last year, compared to $356 million for EA Play. No data were provided for Sony’s gaming subscription services, including the redesigned PlayStation Plus or the former PlayStation Now.

The details were provided as part of CADE’s report outlining its reasoning for approving the planned purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft with “no limitations.” CADE said that Sony needs to have the tools necessary to continue competing, just as Nintendo does, if the Call of Duty franchise were to one day become an Xbox exclusive.

With the acquisition of a publisher such as Activision Blizzard, and considering the (theoretical) risk of the company’s content becoming exclusive to Xbox, it is likely that the eventual conclusion of the transaction will give Microsoft a considerable competitive advantage in the console sector,”.

-CADE Report 

However, it is impossible to ignore the huge influence Xbox Game Pass has had on the gaming sector. This service has made it possible for players from all socioeconomic backgrounds have a favourable gaming experience.

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