Microsoft Creates Skype’s UserVoice Page to Gather Feedback and Suggestions

Microsoft’s Skype team has recently announced an innovation which is quite non-technical in nature. This latest innovation is the setting up of Skype UserVoice page for users to register their feedback. The relevant announcement was made by Peter Skillman (@peterskillman), the Director of Design for Skype and Outlook in his tweet. According to his tweet, users will now be able to ‘share, vote, discuss’ their ideas and opinions which ‘will help shape the future of Skype’.

On Microsoft Community page, it was mentioned in a users’ discussion, ‘This is a primary way of letting Microsoft know how Skype 8 should be improved. Vote up what’s there, if you like. Or if something’s missing, add it for others to vote up.’

The latest addition of Skype UserVoice comes after Skype user base has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction over different aspects. In the private sector, the number of Skype users is now falling and stagnating. Owing to this issue, Microsoft may have finally decided to add a user feedback option where users can share and discuss their problems and vote for the best feature in relevant polls. The link to the latest addition of UserVoice can be viewed here.

Maira Ahmed
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