Microsoft Is Eager to Utilize Chinese Gaming Content to Expand its Influence

According to a recent rumor, Microsoft is searching for a game comparable to Genshin Impact to increase its attractiveness to consumers in the Chinese market.

According to a report by Reuters, it seems like Microsoft intends to directly attempt to imitate Genshin Impact’s popularity with a video game that would effectively be just as appealing as Genshin Impact now. This indicates that Western corporations are becoming more interested in Chinese gaming because Chinese games have gotten on par with high-budget blockbusters. According to Reuters, insiders have told them that Microsoft is searching the Chinese markets for fresh developers it may want to hire. Additionally, it is said that the corporation is “wooing even independent studios with big-money offers.”

According to two industry insiders, Microsoft has reportedly been developing a team to look for Chinese games. This is being done to pique the Chinese market’s interest in the Xbox Game Pass service. Additionally, papers revealed that Microsoft is making generous offers to independent studios while extending its subscription service to desktop computers and mobile devices.

Despite not owning the Genshin Impact IP, Sony partnered with the game’s creator, miHoYo, early on in its development and helped bring it to market. Despite only being available on PlayStation for the console version, the game is also available for PC and mobile platforms. Although it is known that the game generates the bulk of its revenue from mobile platforms, it often ranks among the top free-to-play titles on PlayStation.

Genshin Impact on PlayStation was a big success for Sony | Image: Genshin Impact

Microsoft expresses remorse for losing out on Genshin Impact very explicitly. People who know the situation claim that Microsoft attempted to negotiate a contract with miHoYo early in the game’s development but was unsuccessful. Then, in 2019, Sony joined forces with them; the rest is history. When Genshin Impact was published, it brought in a lot of money for PlayStation.

Microsoft’s intentions toward entering the Chinese markets are still up in the air. However, Microsoft anticipates taking such a step, given how businesses like NetEase and Tencent expand their impact in global marketplaces.


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