Microsoft Brings Own Powerful Text Editor And Grammar Correction Extension For Chrome To Kill Grammarly?

Microsoft appears to be developing a powerful and versatile extension for Google Chrome. The extension checks for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and suggests syntax corrections in real-time. Needless to add, this is exactly what Grammarly, one of the most popular and widely used extensions for Chrome, does very well. Hence it is quite likely that Microsoft is quite interested in entering this new space, and just like Google Chrome, the extension should work well on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser.

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge web browser is officially launching soon. While several Windows 10 OS users are eagerly waiting for the next-gen browser, Microsoft appears to be readying a robust platform for extensions. The company recently opened the gates to the extension platform for Microsoft Edge and invited developers to submit their creations for review and approval. To ensure widespread adoption of the new Chromium-based Edge browser when it officially launches for the general public next month, Microsoft is pushing for powerful extensions. Accordingly, the new “Grammarly-Killer” extension appears to have surfaced.

Google Chrome And Microsoft Edge Web Browser To Get Microsoft Editor Extension For Grammar And Spelling Mistake Correction:

A Twitter user who goes by the name Florian B discovered a new Chrome extension. The extension, officially identified as ‘Microsoft Editor’, appears to be part of the Microsoft Office extension for Chrome. Microsoft Editor, currently in the ‘Preview’ stage reportedly offers to check text in real-time against an online library. Additionally, the Chrome extension will also offer suggestions for spelling, grammar, and style.

All the features appear to be quite similar to Grammarly, a highly popular grammar, spelling and syntax correction extension that works seamlessly within most major web browsers, including Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Interestingly, just like Grammarly, users will also be able to disable Microsoft Editor for specific websites.

Although the Microsoft Editor extension for Google Chrome is currently in the Beta or Preview stage, it appears highly polished. In other words, the extension could easily be in the final stages of development and almost ready for deployment. Given the fact that Microsoft’s web-based extension store for extensions is ready, and Microsoft Edge would officially arrive for the general public usage next month, it is quite likely that Microsoft Editor too will launch at the same time.

Can Grammarly Users Continue To Use The Extension On Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

Grammarly users can easily use the extension and the respectable online library on Mozilla Firefox. Moreover, Microsoft is offering Microsoft Editor as an extension. This means that users should most likely have the freedom to opt for the same or continue using Grammarly.

The final preference should depend on the online library and the rapidly evolving general consensus users have on the accuracy of the grammar rules. In other words, for serious professional and textual content creators who need a reliable grammar, syntax, and spelling correction tool, the competition will be more about who has the better library, rather than who has the best software.

On one hand, Grammarly has been offering its services for quite some time. Moreover, alongside a highly useable and free-to-download extension, Grammarly also offers several paid services that dive deep into the text and suggest several enhanced improvements that help to make the content appear and sound better. On the other hand, Microsoft has been scaling its cloud-based Office 365 and related services which come with powerful editing, correction, security, and productivity enhancement tools. Needless to add, Microsoft Office and the inbuilt grammar tool has been dedicatedly used for decades.

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Microsoft Brings Own Powerful Text Editor And Grammar Correction Extension For Chrome To Kill Grammarly?

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