Microsoft Brings Linux Mascot Into Windows 10 And Storage Cleaning Techniques With Version 19603 Insider Build For Fast Ring

The latest Windows 10 Fast Ring Insider Preview Build version 19603 contains some interesting features. Among the most notable inclusions is the official entry of the Linux Mascot, some smart cleaning and disk space recovery tools. Microsoft is also adding a new feature that will help Windows 10 users discover new and recently added features. If that’s not enough, there’s a new News Bar which will offer news and information snippets.

Although Microsoft indicates it is pausing the deployment of updates, it did release the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build version 19603 to the Fast Ring participants. The build marks a new milestone for the operating system, as it openly embraces Linux, a competing open-source operating system. Additionally, with the new build, Microsoft appears to have stepped up its efforts to collect data about unused files and apps on Windows 10. This will reportedly help Microsoft and Windows 10 OS users recognize and remove unnecessary software or files.

Windows 10 Insider Build v19603 For Fast Ring Gets Several New Features:

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 preview for the Insider Fast Ring introduces new user cleanup recommendations in Storage Settings. The setting for getting rid of unused files and apps to free up disk space is found in the new preview build 19603’s Storage Settings. A new entry called ‘User cleanup recommendations’ comes with a link to ‘See cleanup recommendations’, which displays a list of large or unused files, as well as a snapshot of how much data can be cleaned out. Microsoft has noted that Windows 10 OS cannot predict whether users want to delete personal files, uninstall apps, or remove local copies of files synced to the cloud. The company has assured that the new feature merely gathers all the likely candidates. Thereafter, users have the option to delete the files with a few clicks.

In addition to the clean-up feature, Microsoft is also working on a ‘What’s New’ section in Settings in the Update and Security category. The section displays tips and information about new features and changes to Windows 10 that users may not have been aware of. Incidentally, the feature is not active or live yet. The new Insider Preview Build also contains updated media controls in the volume flyout for music apps. This feature too isn’t live yet.

Microsoft is also introducing a new News Bar in the new Windows 10 v19603. Windows users will be shown the latest and continually updated news items from over 4,500 sources. Although the update frequency isn’t known, the News Bar should also be updated continuously throughout the day. Microsoft has indicated that it will eventually add current weather forecasts and sports news in the future. Users can customize the News Bar and perhaps create a personalized news feed. But for now, among other things, it is possible to change the background or to edit the country of origin of the messages displayed.

Windows 10 Now Supports Opening Of Linux Files:

One of the biggest noticeable additions to Windows 10 is the integration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows Explorer. The icon offers users a shortcut to all installed Linux distributions and each distribution’s Linux root file system. This means that the Linux mascot Tux has found its way into the Microsoft operating system. Windows 10 users with WSL installed should now be able to access Linux files more easily.

Interestingly, the latest Microsoft Windows 10 v19603 Insider Preview Build for Fast Ring members also contains several new features. The RAW or Raw Image Extension, regularly used by photography enthusiasts and professional photographers now also support the Canon CR3 format.

Apart from the feature additions, Microsoft has reportedly fixed several issues and weird behavioral patterns in Windows 10. The company claims to have addressed problems with webcams in Microsoft’s Teams application. A green screen in safe mode will also no longer appear in the future. The screenshot shortcut (Windows key + print) has been tweaked to ensure reliability. Also, the displayed information about the EoAExperiences.exe. in the task manager is now accurate. The new version also eliminates the occasional bug check (GSOD) that occurred during the installation of updates.

Alap Naik Desai
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