Microsoft Brings Down Tamper Protection And Other Security Features From Windows 10 Enterprise To Win10 Home Editions

Microsoft Windows Defender, the default and inbuilt free antivirus and malware protection for Windows 10 OS, is getting a few new security features that were once limited to Enterprise or Business Editions of the operating system. The Tamper Protection, Automatic Sample Submission, Controlled Folder Access, and other safety and security features could significantly improve the default protection of Windows 10 OS, simply by preventing unauthorized settings manipulation. Incidentally, these settings are quite common in most popular free and paid antivirus and malware software solutions for Windows 10.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Tamper Protection feature is now generally available to all users. The company had unveiled the new security feature for its own Windows Defender Antivirus solution in December 2018. The inbuilt antivirus solution has been evolving significantly owing to several new features that Microsoft incorporated within the same. Recently the company even added a cloud-based AI learning feature that significantly improved the antivirus platform’s ability to quickly recognize suspicious behavior of applications. According to Microsoft’s claims, Windows Defender is by far the most popular and actively used antivirus solution on Windows 10.

Windows Defender For All Windows 10 Versions Gets Tamper Protection And Other Security Features:

As the name suggests, Tamper Protection protects certain security features of the antivirus platform from being tampered with, changed or disabled. This can be considered as one of the first barriers that Tamper Protection puts in place around security features. It essentially blocks manipulations of setting changes that are made outside of the official Settings application. This can be considered as the first line of defense and protection as the majority of the viruses, Trojan horses, RAT, and other malicious tools that attempt to take over the system, first try to disable the antivirus protection.

Disabling ‘Real-Time Protection’ or several other security features of the installed antivirus or firewall is by far the best solution or method for attackers to deploy their malicious code. Moreover, disabling the security solution’s own defenses can allow attackers to create a false sense of security by falsely indicating that the antivirus is working reliably.

Previously, Tamper Protection was only available for business customers but Microsoft decided to enable it by default on all Home Edition systems as well. Enterprise customers could previously configure Tamper Protection through Microsoft Intune, and the feature is still available. Windows 10 Home users can find the option in the Windows Security application on their devices. Speaking about the same, Shweta Jha from Microsoft Defender ATP team said on the official Microsoft Blog,

“We believe it’s critical for customers, across home users and commercial customers, to turn on tamper protection to ensure that essential security solutions are not circumvented. We will continue working on this feature, including building support for older Windows versions,”

Incidentally, Tamper Protection is now available and switched on by default for all Windows 10 Home users. It is strongly advised not to disable the security features within Windows 10 OS. Microsoft has indicated that the feature is being rolled out to systems gradually. In other words, several users may not be able to see the feature immediately, but will soon get the same.

What Does Enabling Tamper Protection Do For The Average Windows 10 Users?

Tamper Protection helps against manipulation of the operating system’s real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, the detection of suspicious Internet files, behavior monitoring, and security intelligence updates among other things according to Microsoft.

It is important to note that this Tamper Protection feature doesn’t affect how third-party antivirus apps work or how they register with Windows Security. Simply put, Tamper Protection limits itself to Windows 10 and its core components. It does not interfere or influence the behavior of other antivirus solutions. Incidentally, almost all popular or mainstream antivirus products already have had this feature for a long time, and it is usually enabled by default.

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Microsoft Brings Down Tamper Protection And Other Security Features From Windows 10 Enterprise To Win10 Home Editions

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