Microsoft Brings Dark Mode On More Applications In Recent Windows Pre-Release Build

OneDrive, the popular online storage platform by Microsoft is next in line for getting a dark theme. According to Twitter user Florian B, the pre-release build of OneDrive for Windows 10 gives users the option of switching to a dark theme. Microsoft has been working on unifying the overall look of Windows, many initial applications now allow users to opt for a dark interface. Just recently, Windows 10 released a dark theme for file explorer in its October update.

Before this update, there were many inconsistencies in the implementation of different themes for Windows 10, because many apps available on Microsoft Store along with other Windows components remained unchanged and the overall appearance seemed incoherent. Winfuture claims that a trusted online source has confirmed the existence of a new theme for OneDrive on their preview build 18272. The build number is 18.212.1021.0007 and the magazine claims that it is more advanced than the insider build as indicated officially by Microsoft. Since the new build has not been completely distributed at the time of this writing, further details about the new build are yet to surface.

For Mac users, the OneDrive application has already been updated in October. If the selected UI is dark on Mojave, the OneDrive application accordingly has a dark theme. So far, Microsoft has not yet released any information about the update on any of its official channels and forums; however, the information is expected to be released soon.

Indranil Chowdhury
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