Microsoft Azure and TomTom Collaborate for Multi-Modal Transport Platform

The new solution has been designed to mitigate traffic congestion in the cities

Traffic congestion has been a problem all over the world. This is why it is a necessity that a solution regarding driving, parking, and public transit options is available. This is exactly what Microsoft’s Azure Maps has done in a partnership with navigation app developer TomTom and Moovit, a Mobility as a Saas (MaaS) provider.

Multi-Modal Transport Platform

The partnership between the three was announced at the Move Mobility Conference in London. Executives from the three companies said that they will be pooling in their data, transport, and cloud processing smarts. This will allow the developers to integrate different transportation options available to the users in their own application. The integration will form a multi-modal trip planner.

The new solution will serve as a platform to optimize urban mobility and help reduce traffic congestion. People are being pushed into suburban areas that are beyond public transit lines. Thus commuting to the urban areas becomes difficult as jobs and education centers are present here. With the solution, people will get to know more about driving, parking their cars, and about transit lines as well.

TomTom’s location features and Moovit’s mobility service will be used alongside Azure maps. Suburbanites who don’t know where to park their car or which transit line to take can benefit from this solution. People will be able to get real-time information regarding parking spaces or finding the best options for a trip, be it ride-sharing, bike, public transport, or car.

This new solution from the three companies can turn out to be a comprehensive solution that can reduce traffic congestion. Microsoft already made changes to its Azure Maps by introducing new services and SDKs. The new APIs are in addition to the integration that Microsoft and Moovit announced in November last year. In that partnership both the companies decided to help the developers in building betters apps for users.

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