Microsoft Authenticator 5.9.4 Brings Bug Fixes With Phone Sign-in TFA Security On TestFlight

Android has always enforced unbeatable security on its Google services via multi factor authentication that incorporated phone sign-in in late 2016. This was not difficult to achieve for Android as both products and parties involved were its own and worked on the same underlying framework. The phone sign-in authentication sent a prompt to a user’s Android device and asked the user to unlock the phone and allow the log in for it to succeed on Google’s PC or web-based interface. With the seamless integration of Google and Android platforms for security and with the rise in the need for multi factor authentication as an added layer, Microsoft Authenticator was released in late 2016 as well but since the TFA process was application based as opposed to built-in into the Android framework as Google’s authenticator was, the application faced many challenges in providing an equally satisfying and secure log in experience. As there remain a few bugs to fix, Microsoft has rolled out a beta version of its Microsoft Authenticator, dubbed version 5.9.4, on TestFlight to test out some updates that it has been developing and we have good reason to believe that, if successful, this package will roll out as the next biggest update for Microsoft’s authenticator application

TestFlight is an Apple based platform that allows developers to roll out their applications and invite users to try them out on their devices. Based upon the feedback received, developers can then improve and tweak their products before official mass scale applications are made available on the operating system’s app store. TestFlight breaks this process down into internal and external testing where internal testers consist of the application’s administrators and developers themselves (upto 25 such people) who are able to test the application on upto 30 devices each, and external testing can allow upto 10,000 people to test by entering their names and email addresses into TestFlight so that they are sent unique invitation links to hop aboard the app’s development journey. TestFlight specifically caters to applications designed for the Apple iOS and Mac OS frameworks. Each development is allowed on the server for 90 days for feedback collection and upto 100 applications are retained at a time on the platform’s servers.

Microsoft’s Beta Authenticator 5.9.4 is sent out to test upgrades in the phone sign in mechanism on Apple devices. This includes the fluidity of the verification process as well as specific bug fixes related to home screen notifications when the device is locked and quick unlocking once the verification process is complete. We can expect similar updates to also roll out for the Android based applications even though they seem to be faring well overall already.

Interface of Microsoft Authenticator On Apple Devices. Cloud Perspectives
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Microsoft Authenticator 5.9.4 Brings Bug Fixes With Phone Sign-in TFA Security On TestFlight

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