Microsoft ‘Aquila’ SCOM To Launch As Cloud Services In Private Beta As It Takes On Dell Project Apex?

Microsoft is apparently offering a System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) as part of its cloud platform Azure. The service is reportedly about to enter the private beta or private preview stage in the near future. The SCOM is essentially a command center that sits on customers’ premises and acts as an infrastructure monitoring bridge.

Microsoft is reportedly ready with its Project ‘Aquila’, a SCOM that can run in Azure, Windows Server Datacenter, and edge-computing systems. Aquila works on customer’s premises and supports container-based deployment, rather than virtual-machine-based deployment. Simply put, Microsoft is expected to offer an on-premise cloud-connected infrastructure that offers secure and reliable access to cloud storage and services.

What Is Microsoft Aquila And How Will It Help Companies Looking At Cloud Infrastructure And Services?

For about two years now, Microsoft has been using Azure Monitor to monitor its own applications. In other words, the company has been relying on remotely-hosted and managed infrastructure to keep an eye on the applications that customers use on a daily basis. Microsoft Aquila is essentially a SCOM that is the company’s on-premises solution for infrastructure monitoring. It is applicable to the data center, public, and private cloud products. SCOM is meant to monitor computers, devices, services, and applications in a single console view.

Aquila is reportedly a completely Microsoft-managed instance of SCOM that can run in Azure, Windows Server Datacenter, and edge-computing systems. It will support container-based deployment, rather than virtual-machine-based deployment like Azure Monitor. It will be fully compatible with SCOM running-on-premises. Aquila will also support migration from on-premises SCOM to its own platform while ensuring it guards users’ SCOM management packs. Moreover, Aquila will integrate with Microsoft Azure Monitor, which is the company’s remote or cloud-based monitoring and telemetry service.

Recently Dell launched Project Apex. The company assured the platform was “Everything As A Service”. It is essentially a Dell-managed on-premise platform that linked customers with popular cloud service providers such as Google, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. It is quite possible that Microsoft is attempting to replicate the business model and offer customers a platform that takes care of complete cloud services management without the need to have and own a dedicated server.

It is important to note that Microsoft hasn’t officially acknowledged the existence of Project Aquila. The reports are based on rumors. Hence the information is currently speculative. Nonetheless, companies are actively shifting the majority of their software and services to the cloud, and need an agency that ensures a smooth and reliable transition and management. Service providers such as Dell, Microsoft, and others can offer such middle-man services reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

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Microsoft ‘Aquila’ SCOM To Launch As Cloud Services In Private Beta As It Takes On Dell Project Apex?

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