Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17666

Microsoft announces Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17666 (RS5) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, along with those who opted in for Skip Ahead.

Microsoft states,

“We’ve been steadily going through your feedback, and this build contains a number of improvements based on what you’ve been telling us.”

New features in this Build 17666

Bring on the acrylic: “We love Fluent Design as much as you do. “ In today’s build, Microsoft introduces find that Sets now have an acrylic title bar. They also adjusted the window border making it grey.

Recent Microsoft Edge tabs now show in Alt + Tab: No more pressing Alt+ Tab to quickly switch back and forth between apps. Now when you press Alt+ Tab, all your recent Microsoft Edge tabs will show, and not just the active ones.

Opening new apps and websites open in a new window or a new tab is now up to you: The Sets section of Multitasking Settings will now allow you to set your windowing preference. If you choose “Window” then new windows won’t open into a new tab unless you explicitly click the + or drag with your mouse. Choosing “Tab” opens any new windows invoked from your running apps into tabs.

Muting one of your web tabs is now possible: When a webpage in Sets starts playing audio, you will now be able to see a volume icon on the tab. Just click it and the audio will mute, just like in Microsoft Edge.

Tabs will now restore with better performance: You will now be able to open the tabs in the background and use no resources until you go to the tab. This means you can restore a lot of tabs at once with no issues.

New clipboard experience:

Now you will be able to copy the same content few times across your devices. The clipboard has been taken to another level with this new release. Now all you need to do is press WIN+V and the new clipboard experience will be present in front of you.

You will also be able to paste from clipboard history, and also pin the items that you find yourself using all the time. You will also be able to access your clipboard across any PC with this build of Windows or higher.

The new settings page for enabling this experience is under Settings > System > Clipboard.

Microsoft states,

“Roamed text on the clipboard is only supported for clipboard content less than 100kb. Currently, the clipboard history supports plain text, HTML and image less than 1MB.”

Dark theme comes to File Explorer

Microsoft added dark theme support to Windows based on your feedback. This setting is available under Settings > Personalization > Colours. If you switch it any apps and system UI that support it will follow suit. Along with this, Microsoft has also added dark theme support to the File Explorer context menu, as well as the Common File Dialog.

Introducing extended line endings support for Notepad

The company also announced build Notepad now supports Unix/Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR). For more details check here.

Notepad Search with Bing

To use simply highlight any words or phrase in Notepad and you can now search Bing using the following methods, as per the official blog:

  • Right-click on the selected text and choose “Search with Bing” via the right-click (context) menu.
  • Edit menu ->”Search with Bing…”
  • CTRL + B.

With Sets, a new tab will open that will include the Bing search results page. For more information check the official Microsoft blog.

The company has also come up with new fixes and improvements for PC, Sets and Office. If you try them, let us know what you think of them in the comment section below.


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