Microsoft Announces Peripherals For Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series Consoles

The peripherals are welcome news as the game is about to hit Xbox Series consoles on July 27, and players may find themselves lacking controls when playing on controller only.

PC players were the first to get a taste of realistic flying during the times of a pandemic as Microsoft released the latest iteration of their Microsoft Flight Simulator Series. The simulator received a lot of rave reviews, with many praising its realistic controls and graphics, as well as its great-looking visuals even on mid-range PCs.

However, Windows PCs aren’t the only target for this next-gen simulator, as Microsoft’s next-gen console playerbase will also get to take to the skies. This July 27, Microsoft will finally release Microsoft Flight Sim for the Xbox Series X and Series S, and with certain considerations for it coming to console. As the flight sim needs a lot of controls to properly play for those who want full immersion, the company has announced several supported peripherals Xbox Series console owners can purchase to make the most out of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

VelocityOne Flight, from Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight
Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Source: Turtle Beach

Coming this fall, the VelocityOne Flight is a complete, inclusive flight control system developed by Turtle Beach, best known for its high-quality audio and special peripherals. The VelocityOne Flight is made specifically to work for Xbox Series consoles and Windows PCs. It comes with very intuitive and realistic controls at a reasonable price point, allowing players to enjoy flight immersion at a cost that does not break the bank. Players can purchase one once available at $349.95.

Alpha Flight Controls XPC, from Honeycomb

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC
Source: Honeycomb

Honeycomb’s offerings have always been targeted more at the higher end, no-compromise crowd, and their entry for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series consoles is no different. The Alpha Flight Controls XPC is coming this 2022, and is designed and developed by pilots and aerospace engineers for the most realistic flight experience possible. If you’re looking for something that truly gives an immersive flight experience, then the Alpha Flight Controls XPC is a must-buy once it releases.

T.Flight Full Kit X, from Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X
Source: Thrustmaster

For many, Thrustmaster is a household name for any flight or mech-related titles, thanks to their experience on the genres and their specialization when it comes to peripherals that pair with it. Thrustmaster will offer a brand-new bundle of their most famous T.Flight HOTAS One and TFRP Pedals this July 27 to celebrate the release of Microsoft Flight Sim on the Xbox Series Consoles, and this T.Flight Full Kit X will be priced $199.99. If you want to get into the action immediately once the game releases, then this is the kit for you.

Turret, from Razer

Razer Turret
Source: Razer

Sometimes, nothing can beat the versatility offered by a mouse and keyboard combo, and for players looking for that experience on the Xbox Series consoles, the Razer Turret is the kit Microsoft is promoting. Released a while back, the Turret is a mouse and keyboard combo powered by Razer’s own Mechanical Switches, allowing for unparalleled precision when it comes to key presses and overall responsiveness.

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Microsoft Announces Peripherals For Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series Consoles

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