Microsoft Adds More Search Engine Options To Edge Canary Browser

In a recent upgrade to the Canary Version of Microsoft’s Edge browser, it seems that now alongside Bing, a couple more search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo will be added so that users can choose between them when conducting searches.

As reported per Techdows, this change occurs after Edge Canary got its recent update from the previous version to the new one a few days ago.

What’s more interesting is that Microsoft has put in the same search engine option that are also available for Google Chrome. However for the Edge browser, Bing will continue to stay as the default search engine. These settings can be changed in the browser’s settings section.

Powered by Chromium, Microsoft Edge released the Canary version and the Developer version with the former being updated daily and the latter on a weekly basis. In an order to enhance the web browsing experience, Edge fully supports Chrome extensions and allows your browsing history, favourites, and extensions to be synced across apps in an effort to appeal more to users worldwide. We can only imagine that incorporating these new search engines will make the process of using Edge a more well-rounded experience and a transperant one.

Hamza Zia Khan
A tech savvy, gadgets afecionado with fondness for games and electronics. Obsessions include being in touch with the latest mobile phones and computer devices, while also spending a fortune to build a gaming library.