Microsoft May Introduce More Affordable Ad-Supported Xbox Game Pass Tier

According to a poll, Microsoft may launch an Xbox Game Pass tier that is more affordable and ad-supported. The poll, found by Windows Central on ResetEra, purports to inquire about gamers’ willingness to pay less than the usual Xbox Game Pass monthly charge in return for some membership restrictions. Players might choose a cheaper price option in exchange for a longer wait time of up to six months to access first-party Xbox games. However, it’s unclear how this integrated advertising will appear. A lower tier may potentially include them as part of the service.

Whether the numbers make sense, in this case, is debatable, but it appears that Microsoft is considering offering an Xbox Game Pass tier financed by advertisements in some way. A new patent application by the business describes technology that predicts when in-game engagement has dropped, potentially due to a loading screen, for instance. Then, based on the user’s privacy settings and interests, Xbox would present an advertisement.

The survey based on Xbox Game Pass featuring ad-support | Image: ResetEra

Online advertising has long been a big part of Microsoft’s Bing business, and now that Netflix and other subscription services have implemented ad-supported tiers, it makes sense for Microsoft to follow suit. Although a poll cannot guarantee anything, it does indicate that Microsoft is searching for methods to increase the number of Game Pass subscribers, which Xbox CEO Phil Spencer acknowledged has slowed down on the platform despite significant PC traction.

In any case, Microsoft is looking into methods to further lower the accessibility hurdles for its subscription services. With the Xbox Game Pass receiving practically all the marketing attention, Xbox Live Gold seems like a thing of the past. It is unquestionably a crucial part of the console business model, though. Regardless of how Microsoft handles its subscription service, it is difficult to overlook the significant influence Xbox Game Pass has had on the gaming sector.


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