Mi Mix 3 Completely Bezel Less Xiaomi Goes For Manual Slide Mechanism For Front Camera In Apparent Leak

Xiaomi stunned the tech community with the release of the POCO FONE F1, launching it at an unfathomable price. This actually has been the norm for Xiaomi, they always have something up their sleeves.

They also were the first company to do a proper full bezeless smartphone without the notch, the Mi Mix 1. That phone had a very interesting design, including a piezoelectric earpiece for calls and a host of other innovations to make it possible. It made the world look at Chinese smartphone manufacturers in a different light, who were often stereotyped for making cheap knock off smartphones.

But the Mi Mix 1 did have problems, the earpiece speaker wasn’t very reliable and the phone was very fragile. After that we did see the Mi Mix 2, but that phone ditched a lot of the innovations that made the Mi Mix 1 possible, for more tried and tested technology.

Then there was the wave of smartphones with a notch after the launch of the iPhone X, some sort of a middle ground between bezel and bezel free smartphones. Until, Oppo released the Find X and Vivo launched the Nex, you could call them truly bezel less smartphones and both of them took very different approaches. The Find X actually had a sliding mechanism which housed the earpiece and the front camera, the Nex actually had a motor just for the front cam.

After these two releases, Xiaomi would definitely have gone with a bezeless approach again for the Mi Mix 3 and if this new leak is to be believed, they have actually taken a approach similar to Oppp’s Find X. Instead of going with a automatic mechanism, which is susceptible to damage, they have put in a manual slider.


No specifications are yet known about this device, but if past trends are to be believed, it will definitely come with Snapdragon 845. But as you can see from the tweet above from Donovan Sung, the global spokesperson for Xiaomi, they are actually testing 5g network on that phone.

Snapdragon 845 doesn’t have a 5g module, but if the Mi Mix 3 is releasing this year, then there are two possibilities. Either it won’t be coming with 5g compatibility and the test above is for some other device or Xiaomi are actually using a separate module to include 5g functionality. We would have to wait for an announcement to confirm anything.

Indranil Chowdhury
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