Xiaomi 13 Features Android’s Brightest Screen at Over 1900 Nits

Due to the silicon shortage over the past few years, smartphone manufacturers’ marketing strategies have shifted away from promoting raw performance in favor of highlighting other aspects of the phone. As a result, cutting-edge innovations are rarely found in mainstream mid-range smartphones these days, nonetheless, it is fascinating to see that every once in a while, we do witness something truly remarkable.

While the industry as a whole seemed to have reached something of a plateau with their mid-range products, Xiaomi took a rather risky approach with its 12 series and appears to be moving in the same direction going forward into 2023. The founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, stated in a recent post on Weibo that the screen on the Xiaomi 13 has the maximum brightness among all Android devices. He says the display quality is excellent and that users won’t be missing out on anything.

It has been reported that the Xiaomi 13 series can attain a maximum brightness of 1900 nits. In addition to a 22% decrease in screen power usage, the global brightness has been increased to 1200 nits. However, you should know that the peak brightness is not the brightness that all of the pixels on the screen exhibit, rather it is the maximum brightness that even one pixel on the screen can exhibit, even for a small period of time.

Samsung‘s cutting-edge E6 screen technology is built into the Xiaomi 13. In particular, Samsung’s E6 material is the sixth generation of screen substrates available to consumers. The luminous substrate technology is a crucial component of the OLED display. That’s because it has a direct impact on how crisp the screen will look. It’s important to remember that E6 follows a progression from earlier materials like E4 and E5.

Please let us know what you think of this new development from Xiaomi, and despite the fact that it isn’t anything groundbreaking, it is exciting to finally see smartphone manufacturers moving forward and competing with one another by releasing new features in their more consumer-friendly devices.


Muhammad Qasim

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