Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Will Not Support Keyboard and Mouse on PC

Konami’s upcoming collection of Metal Gear Solid games, Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection, will not support keyboard and mouse controls on PC.

This news has been met with mixed reactions from fans, with some being disappointed and others being indifferent, but the fact that support for these peripherals is pulled back means that if you don’t have one, you’ll need to buy a separate controller to play the game.

This decision is likely made due to the fact that MGS games were originally designed for consoles. The controls in these games are optimized for controllers, and using a keyboard and mouse can be difficult and frustrating.

However, there are a number of PC gamers who prefer to use keyboard and mouse controls, and they are disappointed that they will not be able to play the Master Collection in this way.

Some fans have even said that they will not buy the game if it does not support these controls. They argue that keyboard and mouse controls are more precise and offer more flexibility than controllers.

We don’t know why Konami decided not to support keyboard and mouse controls for this series. It is possible that the company simply did not think there was enough demand for it. However, it is also possible that Konami is planning to release a separate version of the game with keyboard and mouse support at a later date (would that make sense though?)

All in all, from the looks of it, it seems as if majority of the fans disprove of this decision from Konami. Keep in mind that there is no official announcement, or confirmation, and that this inference is merely based on the Steam listing for the game.

The page said that:

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection requires a controller to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse is not supported.”

K&M Players May Still Be Able to Play the First Two Games

Despite the fact that the Steam listing says that Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection will not officially support keyboard and mouse controls on PC, some fans believe that they may still be able to play the first two games in the collection with these controls.

The original versions of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 both support keyboard and mouse controls, so it is possible that the remastered versions will also support these controls. However, Konami has not confirmed this, so it is still possible that K&M players will not be able to play these games without using a mod.

Regardless, we know how modders will surely try and find a way to make things work, but if the collection is not friendly to modders, then players will have to purchase a controller in order to play the game.

As of now, this is all we know, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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