Metro Exodus Physical Edition Has an Epic Store Sticker Covering The Steam Logo

A few weeks ago, Metro Exodus left Steam and became an Epic Games Store exclusive title. The last-minute change was met with lots of backlash from the entire PC gaming community. An Epic Store key was included for those who pre-ordered the physical edition of the game. Now that the game has released, players are beginning to discover just how unprofessional the whole situation is.

Metro Exodus

The shift to the Epic Store was announced just two weeks before Metro Exodus’ release. Hence, there wasn’t enough time left for publishers to adequately prepare. The Steam logo displayed on the backside of the physical edition is covered up with an Epic Games Store logo.

Metro Exodus was originally being sold through Steam, until publisher Deep Silver decided to make the change. Following the initial announcement, lots of angry fans vented their frustration towards developer 4A Games. However, as Deep Silver later clarified, the decision to move Metro Exodus to the Epic Store was made by Koch Media / Deep Silver alone.

Metro Exodus’ jump to the Epic Store is a pretty greedy move, and nearly everyone seems to agree. Taking it a step further, even Valve was supposedly out of the loop until the last minute. Valve, who was “only recently informed of the decision”, says it was “unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period”.

Metro Exodus has now launched, but many PC users are refraining from purchasing it as part of a large-scale Epic Store boycott. Despite how bad the situation looks, there is something good that will come out of it. Currently, the game’s performance is not the best, and several PC players are reporting stutters and FPS drops. When the exclusivity deal ends one year later on February 14th 2020, Metro Exodus will hopefully be much more optimized.

Metro Exodus is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store.


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