Metro Exodus Is No Longer An Epic Games Store Exclusive

Metro Exodus, the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic first-person shooter, disappointed many PC fans after it launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive in February. The game was scheduled to release on Steam in February 2020, but it turns out that the timed exclusivity deal has ended earlier than expected. Metro Exodus is now available to purchase on the Windows Store for PC.

Metro Exodus

What seemed to be a one-year timed exclusivity deal ended up lasting just four months. Metro Exodus fans waiting to purchase the game via Steam, or to be blunt, someplace that is not the Epic Store, have had their prayers answered.

The wonderful news doesn’t stop there, as the game is also available through Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service which recently launched on PC. The first month of Xbox Game Pass costs just $1, which is a bargain considering how large the game catalog is. After the first month, the price is raised to $5 per month, which is still a decent value.

Metro Exodus standard edition, gold edition, and the expansion pass can all be purchased directly from the Windows Store. According to the page, the Windows Store version of the game features HDR10, support for variable refresh rate, and Xbox app integration.

At the time of writing, neither developer 4A Games or publisher Deep Silver have commented on the matter. It’s unclear why the supposed one-year exclusivity period concluded so quickly. Regardless, PC gamers who have been boycotting the Epic Games Store will be glad to hear the news.

As for the PC version of Xbox Game Pass, it looks like Microsoft is heading in strong. With Metro Exodus part of the already impressive collection, it’ll be extremely appealing to majority of gamers. Due to its affordable price, the new subscription service will directly compete with the likes of Origin Access.

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