Animator for Metro Exodus Dies in Ukraine-Russian War

Andrii Korzinkin, an artist for the Metro Exodus, passed away as a result of wounds he received while serving in the military to defend his native Ukraine. Korzinkin had made the decision to voluntarily volunteer to combat the Russian invasion, much like many other Ukrainian game developers.

Leonid Stepanov, who had previously worked with him at 4A Games, Gunzilla Games, and, as of the previous month, Remedy Entertainment, broke the news.

A talented animator, an incredible person, and a real hero. Rest in peace, friend. We all miss you. Andrii was known for his work at 4A Games on Metro Exodus. There he created a huge number of top-quality animations. 

Andrii was inspired by the work of Cory Barlog. He was impressed by the quality of direction and cinematography of God of War. But also he liked the path of Cory Barlog itself, as he was also an animator at the beginning of his professional journey.

That is why, in addition to advancing his abilities as an animator, Andrii expanded other skills necessary in game development (design and coding). To one day create the project of his dreams. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible.”

Korzinkin worked at the 4A Games firm, which creates video games based on the Metro setting created by Dmitry Guchowski. The developer developed his talents and passions in this place. He was in charge of making the video game character animations. He provided a crucial contribution to the 2019 video game Metro Exodus, which made its premiere.

Not all video game creators who joined the front as volunteers to aid the Ukrainian army in fending off the invaders’ attacks are named “Nizrok”. Additionally, the founders and staff of GSC Game World as well as Alexander Kokhanovsky, the owner of the Kiev-based esports organisation Natus Vincere, began the struggle against the Russian occupation (the studio responsible for the games from the STALKER series).

Denys Mishchenko, lead technical animator for Metro Exodus, tweeted:

The loss of Korzinkin, a respected and brilliant creator, is unquestionably a significant blow to the whole video game industry. We reaffirm our belief that this war will soon come to an end.


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