Possible Meteor Lake-S 6P+8E Engineering Sample Spotted, IHS Pattern Similar to Raptor Lake

Hardware leaker wxnod has shared an interesting CPU model on Twitter. At first glance, this looks like a traditional LGA1700 platform supported CPU. However, based on news from another source, the leaked CPU is rumored to be a Meteor Lake-S Engineering Sample.

Meteor Lake-S Spotted In The Wild

Meteor Lake is set to arrive on the Mobile platform later this year. The desktop variants were apparently axed due to various reasons. The CPUs were planned, however, canceled at the last second. As such, some Engineering designs have made their way into the hands of leakers.

Meteor Lake-S Sample | Wxnod

How do we know this is a Meteor lake sample? The IHS is slightly taller than your average Raptor Lake design. Similarly, another leaker, Xino (in a now-deleted tweet) did highlight that a motherboard vendor has been sent a Meteor Lake-S 6+8 sample for motherboard power on.

While not conclusive, the timing of Xino’s deleted tweet is not a mere coincidence. Furthermore, Harukaze points out that the alleged 6+8 sample has 2 notches, whereas LGA1700 CPUs have 4. This is a reply to HKEPC’s post, who claims that this CPU was put up in a listing that now appears to be deleted.

Meteor Lake Release Date

Meteor Lake for desktop is effectively canceled and will not be reinstated. Instead, Intel will refresh its Raptor Lake lineup featuring more cores and faster clock speeds.

Raptor Lake RefreshCores/ThreadsMax ClocksRaptor LakeCores/ThreadsMax Clocks

Currently, Meteor Lake is only planned for Mobile and should be announced next month at Intel’s Innovation Event. Stay tuned at Appuals for more news articles like this.

Source: Wxnod


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