Official Leak Confirms Meteor Lake Will Feature A New Socket & Support For LPDDR5X-7500 Memory

A new leak has confirmed that Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake will require a new socket (LGA 1851). This leak comes from none other than Intel itself. It is also confirmed that the 14th generation of Intel CPUs will support LPDDR5X-7500 memory.

New Socket

Thanks to a web sitemap at Intel, the titles for a few confidential and unreleased products have surfaced. The data we are about to see is not publicly available in the form of an actual webpage but rather as hidden documents. 

Intel Next-Gen Leak | Intel

Videocardz compiled the important facts and figures in an easy-to-read format. It is clear from this information that Meteor Lake will arrive with support for the LGA1851 socket. This socket surprisingly is no different than its predecessor. Though, it is not clear why an upgrade was necessary. The packaged ‘Foveros‘ design with Meteor Lake may possibly explain this transition.

LGA1851 Socket

  • lga1851-mtl-ps-interposer-for-the-gen5-vr-test-tool
  • lga1851-mtl-ps-interposer-prototypes-internal-only

Meteor Lake-S

  • meteor-lake-p-lpddr5x-7500-x32-type-4-alpha-pdk-for-memory-suppliers
  • meteor-lake-m-lpddr5x-6400-type-4-alpha-pdk-for-memory-suppliers
  • meteor-lake-s-ddr5-beta-cpu-upgrade-for-memory-suppliers

Arrow Lake-S

  • arrow-lake-s-ddr5-qual-cpu-upgrade-for-memory-suppliers

Furthermore, the 15th-gen Arrow Lake CPUs may also support the same platform. After that, Lunar Lake (16th gen) will only arrive for the mobile segment. The desktop-oriented 16th generation is still unknown and will most likely be equipped with the Panther Cove (Performance Core) microarchitecture. 

Fabrication-wise, Meteor Lake will be built on the Intel 4 process. The refined Intel 3 node is reserved for Intel’s Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors. 

CPU Generation Codename Process Node Performance Core Microarchitecture Efficient Core Microarchitecture Architecture Release Date Cores/Threads Socket Memory Support
13th Generation Raptor Lake Intel 7 (10nm) Raptor Cove Gracemont Hybrid (Dual Core) Launched 24/32 LGA 1700 DDR4-3200, DDR5-5600
14th Generation Meteor Lake Intel 4 (7nm) Redwood Cove Crestmont Hybrid (Triple Core) 2023 22/28 LGA 1851 DDR5-?, LPDDR5x-7500
15th Generation Arrow Lake Intel 20A (2nm)/TSMC 3nm Lion Cove Skymont Hybrid (Quad Core) 2024 24/32 LGA 1851
16th Generation Mobile
Lunar Lake Panther Cove Skymont/Darkmont 2025-26 8/-
16th Generation Desktop
Panther Lake Panther Cove Skymont/Darkmont 2025-26 LGA 1851

Source: Intel


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