Meteor Lake Rumored to Be Canceled For Desktop, Royal Cove Arriving With Nova Lake & LGA 1851 Extended Across 3 Generations

This year, Intel announced the Raptor Lake ’13th generation’ of their Intel CPUs. While doing so, we only saw the K-SKUs in action, with the budget lineup arriving in 2 weeks. While all of that’s fine and dandy, we have come across Meteor Lake ’14th generation’ various times. In addition, Intel is allegedly planning a refresh of Raptor Lake, set to arrive in Q3 2023, more on that here

Meteor Lake Canceled

Meteor Lake CPUs are slightly different from their predecessor. Firstly, they will feature Intel’s signature Foveros packaging technology leveraging 3D chip stacking. In addition, we were expected to see a new Redwood Cove and Crestmont architecture for the P and E cores respectively. These would have been the first CPUs from Intel fabricated on their Intel 4 process.

However, Raichu on Twitter claims that MTL-S or Meteor Lake for the desktop segment is canceled. This is quite surprising and a massive claim because Meteor Lake was supposed to bring many architectural and platform changes. 

Wild_C, in the same thread, suggests that maybe only the 6+16 Tile CPU (22 Core high-end SKU) is canceled. The budget-oriented Meteor Lake CPUs may still be planned for Intel’s upcoming products.

Again, we should clarify that Meteor Lake for mobile is definitely not canceled and is arriving as planned. Going over the replies, another guess is that maybe the Raptor Lake refresh does not leave much room for the high-end MTL-S CPUs. 

LGA 1851 Across 3 Generations

LGA 1851, or the socket that was planned to be introduced with Meteor Lake (14th Generation) may span across 3 generations. Read more about this socket here. Since Meteor Lake is no longer arriving, this socket may support Arrow Lake (15th Gen), Panther Lake (16th Gen), and possibly even Nova Lake (17th Gen). MLID reported a while back that Lunar Lake will feature mobile-only CPUs. It may launch alongside Panther Lake just like Tiger Lake. 

Royal Cove Architecture

Intel’s Royal Core project is the codename for the architectures Jim Keller worked on with Intel. This project aims to revolutionize x86, making it comparable to ARM in efficiency. It was initially leaked to ship with Lunar Lake (16th Gen Mobile). You can see MLID’s video for more information regarding this project.

Raichu claims that the Royal Cove architecture will arrive with PTL(Panther Lake, 16th-gen desktop)-Next. That as per very initial leaks is Nova Lake (17th generation of Intel CPUs). We currently have no information regarding this project, or the architecture itself. However, it is termed to be the Zen5 killer and Intel’s next-big move after they master the disaggregated design.


All of these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt because most of these products are still year(s) away from us. Things may change in the next couple of months, but then again, we said ‘may’. In any case, Royal Core seems to be the most interesting out of everything that we covered in this article. Could it really be that Intel is hiding its best architecture yet? Or are these just exaggerated claims? Only time will tell. 


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