Leaker Suggests Metal Gear Solid Remake is in Works for Years Now

A new rumor reveals that a PS5-exclusive remake of Metal Gear Solid is in development. Rumors of a full remake of Metal Gear Solid have been circulating for the past couple of years, but there has been no official word on the same. While titles from the PS3 and PS4 generations often get remastered for new consoles, remakes of classic PS1 and PS2 games have gained popularity in recent times. 

A remake of Metal Gear Solid is being created solely for the PlayStation 5, according to a leak from Areajugones. Areajugones claims to have obtained this information from unnamed sources who claim that this project has been under development for years. Although the leaker has not provided any specifics, they assert that this MGS game will be a PS5-only release. A complete announcement of this initiative may be made soon, according to Areajugones. Fans will have to wait until Konami confirms any potential MGS remake, so they should treat such reports with a grain of salt.

Another detail from the alleged Metal Gear Solid remake worth mentioning is the length of time the game has been in production. Although there are numerous rumors of this remake, we are not sure which studio is doing it. It can imply that something is being produced internally or that the developer’s identity is being kept a secret.

Metal Gear Solid | Konami

Furthermore, a rumor which recently emerged suggested Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake is also in development. Konami was one of Virtuos most recent customers, according to information on the company’s website, which lends credence to speculations that the studio is working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Source: Virtuos

Fans speculated that just like Silent Hill lineup, Konami has also outsourced the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake to Virtuos Games. Other than that a video reportedly created by the developer’s (Virtuos) PR staff went viral online showcasing a cryptic message for the possible announcement of the alleged MGS 3 remake. However, the video was later proved to be fake but still it shows that how popular the topic of MGS remakes has become and some people are using this popularity in a wrong way.

While the next anticipated games from Konami is a lineup of Silent Hill games including the much hyped Silent Hill 2 Remake, fans also hopes for the revival of MGS franchise due to the critical acclaim and commercial success it got back in the day and is still loved by millions of fans acorss the globe.

That’s all we were able to gather about the Metal Gear Solid remake but we will keep you posted upon receiving any further valuable information about this news. Until then, let us know your thoughts about this? Are you anticipating a MGS remake in future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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