Leaker Confirms Metal Gear Solid Remake Will Be Announced Before May 2023

In December 2022, Appuals reported that a potential PlayStation 5 Exclusive Metal Gear Solid Remake has been in development for years, based on the report by Areajugones. Areajugones has previously leaked the upcoming PlayStation Plus titles pretty consistently. 

Areajugones has recently added an update to their coverage, claiming that the same source that told them about a PlayStation 5 exclusive MGS Remake confirms that Sony will announce it before May 2023 or probably February-March 2023. The update on Areajugones reads as follows:

La misma fuente que en su día nos adelantó esta información reitera que el anuncio se haría a futuro y no necesariamente en la gala The Game Awards, el anuncio de Metal Gear Solid Remake debería producirse antes de mayo de 2023, sonando muy fuertes los primeros meses del año, especialmente febrero-marzo.

The same source that once advanced this information reiterates that the announcement would be made in the future and not necessarily at The Game Awards gala, the announcement of the Metal Gear Solid Remake should occur before May 2023, sounding very strong the first months of the year, especially February-March.


Considering the update, it sounds like Metal Gear Solid Remake will be revealed sooner than expected. If true, this could be 2023’s biggest surprise from Sony as a Metal Gear Solid Remake is the most rumored and talked about game, especially in the last 2-3 years. 

The retro fans who have played the original Metal Gear Solid games are impatiently waiting to experience this masterpiece franchise on current-gen hardware, just like Silent Hill 2 Remake Konami announced last year. And now fans want a similar treatment for the Metal Gear franchise. 

However, the developer of this heavily rumored Metal Gear Solid Remake is still a mystery, and even the leaker has not provided any details about the developer studio that is working on this project. But there is no harm in presenting a couple of theories; as we previously discussed in our other Metal Gear Solid report, Virtuous could be the Studio assisting Konami in handling the Metal Gear Solid Remake as Virtuous mentioned Konami as one of its recent clients on its official website. 

Another theory about the studio working on the Metal Gear Solid Remake is by a Reddit user under the post discussing this recent update by Areajugones. u/Not_My_Popcorn believes that Bluepoint Games is the Studio behind this project. To back their theory, the user refers to a holiday season-themed poster by Bluepoint Games, which shows four different present boxes, three representing the games Bluepoint has worked on. 

However, the one present can be seen as clearly unopened, and according to u/Not_My_Popcorn, that present box is the Metal Gear Solid Remake.

Similarly, another user believes Sony will announce the Metal Gear Solid Remake in a State Of Play Event in February-March 2023.

There are numerous theories and leaks like these, but the fans will only believe once the remake is confirmed in an official capacity. So, taking this news with a grain of salt is advised until further confirmation from Sony or Konami. 

That’s all the information we have about the Metal Gear Solid Remake, but we will keep you posted upon receiving any additional valuable information about this news. 

What are your thoughts about this update? Will Sony announce the remake before May 2023? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below.


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