MEE audio X10 True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones Review

MEE audio X10 True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Perfect for Gym

  • Comfortable design
  • Sweatproof
  • Long Battery Life
  • No codecs like LTC or Apts
  • Poor connection quality

Design: In-ear type | Driver Size: 5mm | Frequency Range: 20 to 20,000 Hz | Wireless Range: up to 33 ft | Batteries: Built-in Lithium-Ion Batteries | Battery Life: up to 4.5 hours | Water Resistance: IP X5 | Weight: 4g per earphones

VERDICT:Truly wireless in-ear headphones convey unique freedom of movement with MEE signature sound. Its features include IPX5 sweat resistance, minimized and ergonomic earpiece plan, and as long as 23 hours of battery life with included charging case. It gives superior wireless range and stability in a more reduced structure factor than ever before.

Headphone cables might drop out of fashion. Wireless sound is above anyone’s expectations, compression formats for Bluetooth 5.0 are more genuine, flagship cell phones are shipping without headphone jacks, and audience of all kinds are beginning to see the advantages of cordless sound. True wireless earbuds simply go that additional step above.

So what is true wireless? True wireless means that there aren’t any cables between earbuds, so there’s no wire or neckband to fight with. Nothing to get tangled in your pocket or captured on your zipper, nothing to whack around your neck amidst that cardio class, and furthermore nothing to keep your particular earbuds together. This truly gives you freedom.

First Glance

MEE is home to gather audio fans who appreciate music at its absolute best. They spread their passion by making innovative high-performance audio gear so that it gives music a chance to motivate everybody as it inspires them. Where others see a couple of headphones, they see the last step in encountering music as it was intended to be. This is the reason why they obsess about everything about how their items look, feel, and sound, presenting to you definitive listening experience. Audio X10 true wireless is one of their innovations. These earbuds will work great in terms of comfort, design, and functionality. Without any delay, let’s see its details!


Before proceeding with the design, let’s take a look at its package. It’s minimalistic and nicely done. It has a flip on the box. You can open it and will see the charging case. There is a short manual that gives you the information on how to control it. Now coming to its design.


MEE audio X10 has a smooth, ergonomic design that gives a protected fit and comfort throughout the day. Also, it is a compact in-ear design, twist-to-fit earpieces, and 3 sizes of delicate silicone ear tips obstruct the outside clamor. It comes up with two colors. One is a blue base with black on the sides and the other is pure solid black. You will see a two indicator LED that flickers white and blue light to show you the pairing process and charging. The charging case is made of plastic. It’s small, light-weight and easily pocketable.

IPX5 waterproof design

It has IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof design which gives insurance from sweat, moisture, and the elements. Integrated microphone lets you flawlessly accept phone calls. The right earpiece can likewise be used independently as a single-ear headset. This implies that you can also just use the right piece as a mono headset by leaving the left earpiece in the case. MEE audio X10 is created mainly for sports and active usage. Microphone audio is extremely clear and crispy and picks up the bass tones really well.

Package Content

In the package, you will see this beautiful n sleek X10 Truly Wireless Bluetooth earphones, a charging case with a built-in rechargeable battery, USB Type-C charging cable and 3 pairs of ear tips. Select the ear tip size with the best sound and comfort for your ears. Adjust the earpiece until you get a good seal.

Box content.


So how will it work?

Controls are bit tricky but you will get used to it in no time. It’s a push-button, not a touch control. This is actually something that people would like to have seen different. But this isn’t much big deal. Right? Press earpiece one time to play or pause and even answer or end the call. Similarly, you can reject the call by pressing the earpiece 2 times. You can even modify the volume, the way you want it to be. Press left earpiece 2 times for decreasing the volume and for increasing the volume, press the Right earpiece 2 times.


You can skip to the previous track by pressing the Left earpiece 3 times and to the next track by pressing the Right earpiece 3 times. To power off, place the earpiece back into the charging case. Control the Siri or Google Assistant with just a single push of the button. That’s it. Isn’t that easy?


Audio is something which is the most important thing to notice when you are buying any pair of earphones. Drawing on our time of experience tuning in-ear headphones, the X10 uses 5mm HD micro drivers tuned for profound bass, warm mids, and completely clear highs, making it the best-sounding wireless earphone yet. It gives clear and rich audio. If your music sounds tinny, try a different ear tip size. Noise isolation is average. It doesn’t block the noise completely but it somehow still helps you with it. Sound quality is so far really good and impressive. Treble is pretty well balanced. Its a bit rolled over but not too much. So in short, they have great audio in terms of listening to pop music, electronic or even classical. It surely will be great for Netflix, youtube videos without any lag. Truly it gives dynamic audio.


Mee Audio X70 has an impressive battery life

The very effective Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives up to 4.5 hours of talk/music playback per charge, with an extra 18 hours stored in the charging case, meaning that you’ll get 23 hrs of battery before you need to hunt for the USB cable. Charging is quite simple. Just plug the case into the wall or another USB charger. A full charge takes about 2 hrs. You will see four indicator lights on the front of the charging case that will tell how much battery life you have in your case.


Audio X10 has an easy setup and fast reconnection with the latest in truly wireless technology.

To manually enter pairing mode:

Remove both earpieces from the case. The right piece will automatically enter into pairing mode. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds again until the blue and white lights flash indicating pairing mode. Next, open the Bluetooth menu, and select MEE Audio X10. Once paired a blue light will flash on the right earpiece. This is quite simple and convenient.

To power on, simply remove the earpiece from the case. The X10 will automatically reconnect to the last paired device in range.


Audi X10 has Bluetooth 5.0 which is very important, as it will provide better connection quality. Thus giving you the best listening experience. It supports Bluetooth profiles like A2DP, HSP, HFP, and AVRCP. The wireless range is up to 33ft. The right earpiece connects to your Bluetooth device whereas the left earpiece automatically connects with the right earpiece. It can not be used independently.


Audio X10 comes up with better bass, having a good battery, stylish and low profile design. These earphones will definitely exceed your expectations. The sound signature is going to please a lot of people. It definitely blocks out a lot of stuff around you. You can use it for casual listening as well as for gym and other sports activities cause of it sweatproof feature. It quite affordable costing you around $80. If you want something with a bit eccentric low frequencies and a good level of punch, I recommend these earphones.

Price at the time of review: $80

MEE audio X10 True Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones


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