Mass Production Of First 512GB eUFS 3.0 Memory Chip Started By Samsung

Samsung has been at the top of its game lately. Just a few days ago, Samsung released its widely anticipated S10 series and the world’s first foldable phone, called ‘Samsung Fold‘. Just a few days after that Samsung has made another major announcement which can affect smartphone performance significantly.

512GB eUFS 3.0 Memory Chips

Samsung has announced that they would be starting mass production of 512GB eUFS 3.0 storage. This would be a first for the mobile industry as all other smartphones are still using eUFS 2.1 memory chips at the moment. Unfortunately, these chips will be used in the ‘next generation of smartphones’ and will not be present in the new S10 series devices. However, it has been rumored that Samsung might debut the memory chips in it’s new Samsung Galaxy Fold device.

VP of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics, Cheol Choi stated that “Beginning mass production of our eUFS 3.0 lineup gives us a great advantage in the next-generation mobile market to which we are bringing a memory read speed that was before only available on ultra-slim laptops”.

The 512GB eUFS 3.0 will feature an eight fifth-generation 512GB V-NAND die and also will have a high-performance controller. Read speeds of up to 2,100 MB/s are expected, which will be more than twice as fast as the current eUFS 2.1 chips. The new chips are supposedly as fast as recent ultra-slim laptops in terms of storage performance. On the other hand, the write speeds will supposedly be around 410 MB/s, which would place it in the same speed region as SATA SSDs. In addition, Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) has also seen an increase, performing 63,000 random read IOPS and 68,000 random write IOPS. With these speeds, you can transfer a Full HD movie from a smartphone to your laptop in just 3 short seconds.

eUFS 3.0

This will without a doubt put pressure on competitors to add eUFS 3.0 memory chips in future phones. Hence, we can expect more companies to adopt the standard soon.

Murtaza Islam
Murtaza is a Computer Science student who takes immense interest in mobile technology. He believes the future of computing lies in smartphones because ARM architecture will eventually take over. He also loves to tinker with ROMs and kernels keeping up with the latest in smartphones.