Marvel’s Wolverine, Developed By Insomniac, Announced At The PlayStation Showcase

It's a Wolverine game and that's all we know so far.

Just announced at the PlayStation Showcase 2021, Insomniac is working on a brand new standalone Wolverine game. Insomniac has an incredibly rich history developing comic-book games that have been praised critically and have received commercial success. So, it’s a no-brainer that Sony wanted to capitalize on the team at Insomniac and hand them another Marvel property to play with and this time, they chose Wolverine.

The teaser is very ominous and gives us essentially no details whatsoever on the game. The pre-rendered cutscene in the teaser shows Wolverine sitting alone in a wrecked pub that’s filled with bodies and debris from fighting. As a man stands up from the ground to approach Logan, he dramatically pops out his iconic claws and the teaser ends, along with the man’s life, supposedly.

In an official blog post, Ryan Schneider, Head of Franchise Strategy at Insomniac, revealed that Brian Horton will be the creative director of the game. While, Cameron Christian will the overall game director. Cameron was actually the lead designer recently for Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Apart from that, all we really know is that it’s in development for the PS5, which means it’s an exclusive, and that Insomniac is at the helm.

Huzaifa Haroon
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