Marvel’s Avengers War Table Live Stream Reveal Recap

Marvel’s Avengers is a third-person hero-based action adventure game currently in development by Crystal Dynamics. Announced back in 2017, a gameplay trailer was showcased at E3 last year by publisher Square Enix. Months before its release on September 4th later this year, a live event demonstrating everything about the game was held today. Read on for a recap of all that was discussed.

Marvel’s Avengers

During today’s War Table livestream, Crystal Dynamics cleared up a lot of confusion about the upcoming action game. Co-op play is one of the game’s main selling points, so almost all gameplay is related to multiplayer in one way or another.

Hero Missions

Hero missions are what Marvel’s Avengers uses to show off its heroes and their back story. Today’s gameplay demo focused on the “Once an Avenger” hero mission for Thor, and there are many similar missions for other heroes as well.


The combat system has your usual ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ attacks, and players can string up combos and use signature moves. Furthermore, an elaborate skills menu allows you to unlock varying abilities for all heroes, making each character unique. Of course, all heroes have their own iconic abilities pulled from movies and comics, such as Thor and his Mjolnir.

Special Moves

All heroes have three special moves: assault, support, and ultimate. By performing normal attacks, you charge up the ‘heroic move’ meter. Once full, the player can then perform moves such as Black Widow’s assault heroic, Widow’s Bite.


The Marvel’s Avengers story follows the aftermath of A-Day, and the MODOK is the main villain. Players progress through the story by completing both hero specific and the regular story missions. New cosmetics, abilities, and NPCs are revealed as the story progresses.

Marvel’s Avengers hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on September 4th. Square Enix recently confirmed that owners of the game on current-generation consoles will receive a free upgrade when the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch.


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