Marvel’s New Blade Game Is Being Developed By Ubisoft

Blade isn’t a name you hear a lot of. It’s one of those Marvel characters that doesn’t quite get the spotlight the other characters do. Sure, there was a time when Blade popped up on the film scene in 1998, and it became a hit box office success raking in millions. The movies died out but Blade is back with a game being developed by Ubisoft!

But it didn’t do all that well later on with Blade 2 and Blade 3, and the character as a whole slowly faded from our screens. But now, Blade’s making a return with his very own videogame being developed by Ubisoft and with another movie slated for November 2023.

A Marvel Blade Game Developed by Ubisoft?

It appears that a video game featuring the Marvel character Blade could be in the works, and Ubisoft is taking the wheel this time around. There are loads of Marvel games coming to our gaming screens in the future.

Marvel fans and the gaming community are looking forward to games the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which might feature co-op and multiplayer, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns with a vast roster of characters from across the Marvel Universe including Blade, for that matter, the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine after years of no Wolverine games, and a rumoured Black Panther game.

It’s pretty evident that Marvel is active in the gaming industry and is ready to pump out numerous titles based upon their popular comic book characters in the upcoming years, and it has no plans of hitting the brakes any time soon. This has transpired to a collaboration with Ubisoft for an upcoming title with a not-so-popular Marvel character, Blade.

With tons of leakers picking up tidbits of upcoming video games across the internet, the Blade game has pretty much gone under the radar. While Blade is coming to one of the most recent Marvel titles announced, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it seems that he might be getting his own game.

Youtuber JorRaptor spotted and reported some findings that suggest a Blade game is in the works. It was on July 21 that the actor Edwin Gaffney posted to Instagram in a full motion capture suit with a Ubisoft tag.

So, fans hypothesized that he’s doing mo-cap work for the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2 game. That’s all fine and dandy. But, things got a little bit more interesting when Edwin Gaffney, who’s also done loads of mo-cap work for videogames such as Detroit: Become Human acting as Chris Miller, posed for Instagram with what appears to be a katana wearing some shades standing next to another actor, Alex Martin.

Alex Martin has worked in a number of games over the years, and he’s playing as the monkey Knox in the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2, which is also being developed by Ubisoft.

marvel blade game ubisoft
Edwin Gaffney posing with Alex Martin wearing some shades and wielding katanas | Instagram

Considering Blade is known for wielding, of course, Blades as his primary weapon to hunt down vampires, it’s highly likely that Edwin Gaffney and Alex Martin are doing mo-cap work for an upcoming Blade game. He posted another Mo-cap suit picture with Alex Martin, but this time, he’s holding a clapperboard that doesn’t say Beyond Good and Evil 2, but Marvel. And there was a name on the clapper, B. Tarik. Things just took a wild turn.

marvel blade game ubisoft
Alex Martin and Edwin Gaffney sitting together with Gaffney holding a clapper board with the words Marvel in the title | Instagram

The name of the director on the clapperboard is Bassam Tarik, who is coincidentally also the director for the upcoming Blade 2023 movie scheduled for November 2023. We don’t know how Bassam Tarik plays into the picture here, but this could also be a tease of his upcoming Blade production.

It’s possible Disney and Ubisoft’s ongoing partnership resulted in the creation of a Blade game, and it’s likely that the game will be announced or teased in the upcoming Disney D23 Showcase, which is one day before Ubisoft Forward.

This is all speculation at this moment in time, so take everything I’ve stated with a grain of salt. I could be wrong or right. Still, the evidence is quite strong as Disney has licensed AAA franchises like Star Wars and the upcoming Avatar game to Ubisoft. To think that Marvel would collaborate with Ubisoft is quite believable, especially considering the fact that Marvel has openly expressed their desire to collaborate and work with other studios on future projects.

marvel blade game Ubisoft
Blade looking menacing in the gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns | PlayStation

So, do you think that Ubisoft is working on a Blade game in collaboration with Ubisoft? If it’s all false speculation, why is Edwin Gaffney wearing shades and holding a katana, akin to Marvel’s Blade? All the evidence points in one direction. We might be getting a Blade game developed by Ubisoft.

Still, we don’t know which Ubisoft division is developing the Blade game. Maybe it’s the Ubisoft developers behind For Honor. It will be pretty cool to play as Blade hacking down vampires and enemies and exploiting his super-human half-vampiric nature. Indeed, it will be an interesting experience to play Ubisoft’s own interpretation of the Daywalker.

Again, leaks are pretty dry this time around. And we’ll release updates as soon as we get our hands on more information.

And that’s pretty much it for all the leaks on the supposedly upcoming Blade video game being developed by Ubisoft. So what do you think of this whole scenario? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye.


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