Gunfire Games Releases Major Remnant 2 Update for PlayStation 5

In response to the feedback from players, the Remnant 2 PlayStation 5 update has finally been released to address several prominent issues and enhance overall gameplay. While this marks the first significant update, the developers have assured the community that more updates are in the pipeline.

The update, labeled with the build number 01.000.006, comes with a comprehensive list of changes that target various aspects of the game. The most notable improvements are in the categories of Performance and Crashes, Quality of Life, Balance adjustments, and Bug Fixes.

Under Performance and Crashes, initial optimizations have been made to boost the game’s overall performance. Players can also expect a reduction in hitching and potential crashes, along with the resolution of multiple crash-related bugs. These changes should contribute to a more stable and immersive gameplay experience.

For Quality of Life enhancements, players will notice several adjustments designed to provide more flexibility and freedom in their gameplay. Trait Cap has been raised by +5, providing players with increased customization options. The Tome of Knowledge now rewards players with Scrap and EXP upon reaching the Trait Cap, incentivizing progression even further. Moreover, the Orb of Undoing has been given unlimited uses, and any extras can be sold for Scrap.

A number of restrictions and costs have also been modified. The Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype has been removed, allowing players to slot their second Archetype as soon as they obtain or convert another Engram.

Furthermore, the Scrap Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram has been eliminated, while the Lumenite Cost for the same process has been reduced. These changes are made to streamline the gameplay and minimize unnecessary resource drains.

Remnant 2 | Gearbox Software

To ensure balance across the various Archetypes and weapons, adjustments have been made. For instance, the Explorer Archetype benefits from extended durations for Scavenger and Gold Digger Buffs.

The Archon Archetype sees increased damage and reduced cooldown for its Havoc Form abilities. Similarly, various Archetypes have received tweaks to their effectiveness to provide a more engaging and evenly-matched experience for players.

The update also addresses multiplayer gameplay, reducing the incoming damage in multiplayer sessions from 25% per additional player to 15% per player. This alteration seeks to enhance the cooperative gaming experience while maintaining challenge and balance.

Furthermore, the developers have been hard at work fixing a myriad of bugs and issues that have been affecting players. Progression blockers have been eliminated, ensuring that players can proceed through the game without any hindrances. This includes fixes for crashes, stability issues, and problems related to rewards and progression.

Remnant 2 | Gearbox Software

Remnant 2 was launched on 25th July 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It’s performing exceptionally well across all platforms, crossing the impressive 100,000 concurrent players mark on Steam shortly after its PC release. Remnant 2 achieved another milestone by selling over 1 million copies within just 4 days of its launch, becoming a commercial success for Gunfire Games.

That’s all the information we have about the newly released Remnant 2 update for PlayStation 5. We will update you upon receiving any further information about this. Until then, let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments section below.

Source: Patch Notes


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