MacOS 10.15 Screenshots: The New Music & TV Apps

With WWDC 2019 just 4 days away, leaks and rumours are splurging in. It was only yesterday that iOS 13’s Dark Mode renders surfaced. We covered it briefly in our article. You may read it here. Coming back to the latest news though. It was 9to5Mac that confirmed in its exclusive report, the news above. This time too, they succeed in taking the cake. In another report by 9to5Mac, they show screenshots of Music and TV Apps on the next update of MacOS, version 10.15.

As we know, Apple is revamping the whole aesthetic of their operating systems throughout the board. This new aesthetic follows a more colourful vibe, similar to the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7. While that is one of the updates, another main update includes introduction the Music and TV apps. For long, Macs have supported the famous iTunes app which was a hub for all kinds of media. iTunes managed this media, grouping it. Be it Music, Films or TV Shows, iTunes was the hub of it all. According to recent news though, Apple will be including a standalone App for Music and TV. These apps would be similar to the ones on iOS but obviously having a different overall design to them.

For the Music App, the platform seems similar to that of iTunes. As you can see in the screenshot below, the sidebar includes colourful buttons. This is part of the new aesthetic being followed by Apple. While it may look like random colouring, if you look close enough, you may see the buttons following a gradient pattern. It has contents similar to the music app on iOS, as can be seen in the screenshot and manages music on your device, both online (via Apple Music) and local files.

Screen Share Source – 9to5Mac

As for the TV app. It would categorise your TV shows and Movies. In a way, Apple has broken down iTunes into sub-categories to combine things in a more systematic way. As we can see, it follows a similar design to the new Books app, expected to be on the update. A screenshot of the upcoming TV app can be seen below.

Screen Share Source – 9to5Mac
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MacOS 10.15 Screenshots: The New Music & TV Apps

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