MacBook Air with M1 Chip Benchmarks Surface To Reveal Huge Performance Numbers: The Machine Trades Blows with MacBook Pro 16

Apple announced the Apple M1 chips the other day and they made some huge claims with the performance and the efficiency of the chipset, they didn’t quite back it up properly. While the company did include graphs to support their claims, there weren’t any numbers. The graphs were just marketing gimmicks, perhaps. Now though, Geekbench scores have surfaced for the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13. The numbers, although lacking any context, look quite promising.

This tweet comments on the Apple Silicon as well. According to the links attached, we see that the MacBook Air scores actually outshine even the current generation MacBook Pro 16 inch. As seen in the screenshot below, the MacBook Air scores 1687 on the single-core and 7433 on the multi-core. In comparison with the MacBook Pro 16 inch i9, this is still a huge performance gain for such a small machine.

MacBook Air with M1 Geekbench scores!

While this is the case, it is worth noting that these are peak performance numbers and due to a lack of a fan, this would not be able to carry out a sustained load. Perhaps the MacBook Pro 13 inch would be able to give out better results over sustained loads.


On the graphics side of things, due to a lack of a dedicated GPU, this would obviously not be able to beat the heavy machines but this does show promise. Apple’s first in-house chip proves to knock Intel right out of the park. How will these function in the real world though? The question that is on everyone’s mind is how will app compatibility favour the new chipset. Not to mention, the real-world application related to the temperatures. MacBooks have always been known for bad thermals but this time around, it would be quite interesting how Apple handles these. These chips are supposed to be more power-efficient due to the new 5nm process. So, perhaps the company really fixed that.

Sarmad Burki
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