The M2 Max is Much Slower Than the RTX 4070M

The Apple M2 Max, which was announced a few days ago has been tested in Geekbench. Surprisingly, it loses out to the RTX 4070M and by a huge margin. We should probably mention that the highest-end configuration of the M2 Max, boasting 38 GPU cores was used for this test.

M2 Max in Geekbench

Using the OpenCL API, the M2 Pro Max equipped laptop scores 75139 points. The un-named laptop is equipped with 64GB of memory. This result is much lower than the RTX 4070M as showcased below.

M2 Max in OpenCL

The RTX 4070M equipped laptop featuring the i9-13900HK (14 cores / 20 threads) scores 102130 points in the same test. That is a difference of almost 35%. The power limit of this 4070M variant is currently unknown, but even then, it is much faster than what Apple is offering. 

RTX 4070M in OpenCL

Throttling Issues 

It is suspected that the M2 Max used in this test is facing some thermal throttling issues. We are not sure of the extent of this problem, since Geekbench can only show us the performance and specs. Though, it will be interesting to see how well Apple will perform against Ada Lovelace. Then again, the power consumption will make a huge difference.

The RTX 4070M is packed with 8GB of memory over a 128-bit memory interface. The TDP of this GPU will vary from 35W115W depending on the laptop you purchase. In fact, that is the lowest configuration offered by the Lovelace Mobility lineup. 

RTX 4070M Specifications

It should be noted that OpenCL is not an accurate representation of real-world performance. So, it’s better to wait until these laptops retail so that we can get a better overview of the actual performance and efficiency. Rest assured, NVIDIA will be the go-to choice if you fancy a high-refresh-rate gaming experience. If you’re more of a content creator, Apple’s M2 Max may be the better choice here.


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