Lucasfilms Announces a New Indiana Jones Game Developed By Bethesda Softworks

Today Lucasfilms Games announced its new partnerships to develop a new Open-World Star Wars game and a new Indiana Jones game. The Star Wars game will be developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment; more on it here. The other IP i.e. Indiana Jones is going to be developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Lucasfilms recently ended EA exclusivity for developing games for the franchises that the company owns. The company is now broadening its horizons by allowing other developers to pitch ideas related to different franchises. Ubisoft was able to bag Star Wars, while Todd Howard’s special interest in the Indiana Jones series resulted in Bethesda acquiring the license to work on the next Indiana Jones game.

James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s VP of franchise content and strategy, told Wired, “What’s been most inspiring about the Indy game, in particular, is it’s a passion project for Todd Howard. He came in with a point of view and a story that he really believes in.” Todd Howard was able to surprise Lucasfilms with his vision of an Indiana Jones game, making the upcoming game even more enticing.

Since Bethesda is already working on its fair share of games, including the upcoming game called Starfield and Skyrim 6 fans would have to wait for a long time to experience an Indiana Jones game made by Bethesda. Only a little information is available since the game is at its inception stages.

By allowing third-party developers to work on their, IPs Lucasfilms is working on its vision to keep their content rolling for the fans. It also enables them to work on new and exciting ideas to work on in the future.

Mohsin Naeem
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Lucasfilms Announces a New Indiana Jones Game Developed By Bethesda Softworks

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