Chinese Manufacturer Loongson Unveils its LS2K2000 SoC With Integrated GPU

Recently, Loongson introduced a new processor known as the LS2K2000, which has two LA364 CPU cores, 2MB of shared L2 cache, and runs at 1.5 GHz clock frequency.

Given that it is designed for a variety of embedded applications, the LS2K2000 CPU is not exceptional. Due to this, it only includes two LA364 cores with the unique LoongArch microarchitecture and some fundamental I/O features including a 64-bit DDR4-2400 memory interface, PCIe 3.0, SATA 3.0, USB, Ethernet, audio, and everything else that one would anticipate from a basic SoC. 

Image: Loongson

The business believes the new Loongson LS2K2000, which measures 27 x 27 mm and has a low power consumption, offers the optimum scalability. The LSK2000 uses 9 watts in high-performance mode and 4 watts in balanced mode. It is doubtful that we are dealing with a performance that is extremely advanced given the applications that the LS2K2000 is designed for. As a matter of fact, we think the power consumption would be mostly unimpressive. Nevertheless, a basic GPU from a business that focuses on CPUs seems interesting, and these kinds of foundations may be developed upon.

The chip’s integrated graphics are the LG120 GPU from the firm, although there are no benchmarks available to determine how well it performs in different activities. However, given the processing speed and capabilities of this specific CPU, it may not be that sophisticated. There is no word yet on pricing or availability. 

It’s conceivable, of course, that Loongson uses his GPU simply for the most fundamental requirements. However, the firm that hopes to compete with AMD’s Zen 3 in the CPU market may also have big plans for the GPU market. Even if it starts on the low end, a proprietary GPU architecture might be an excellent place to start if it were built for scalability.


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