Chinese Loongson 3A6000 On Par With AMD’s Ryzen 5000 and Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs, Gains a 58% Single Core Uplift

Loongson Technology is the name of the chinese fabless manufacturer that produce Loongson ‘Dragon Chip’ general-purpose, MIPS architecture-compatible CPUs.

A New Player

Loongson states that their upcoming 3A6000 CPUs can deliver a massive 68% uplift in single-core performance making them on-par with Intel and AMD’s last Gen processors.

Last year, Loongson announced its 3A5000 processor that utilized the GS464V microarchitecture supporting DDR4-3200 dual channel memory paired along wtih a standard encryption module, , two 256-bit vector units per each core and 4 ALUs (Arithmetic Logic Unit). 

The 6000 series

During its semi-annual investor’s call, the chinese manufacturer announced its next-Gen 6000 series CPUs with a newly designed microarchitecture and performance on-par with AMD’s Zen3. The new microarchitecture grants the 3A6000 the following increases:

  • 68% faster single-core (Floating Point) performance
  • 37% faster single-core (Fixed Point) performance
Loongson 3A6000 68% Single-Core Gains | Loongson via Wccftech

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For comparison purposes, Intel’s Tiger Lake (11th gen) and AMD’s Zen3 was thrown into the mix using the SPEC CPU benchmark.

  • Loongson 3A6000 – 13/G
  • AMD Zen 3 CPUs – 13/G
  • Intel Tiger Lake – 13+/G
  • Intel Alder Lake – 15+/G

That’s quite impressive and to think that these CPUs are just marginally behind Alder Lake is amazing. Maybe in the near future, we may have a few components in our PC powered by a Chinese manufacturer. Do note that Zen4’s and Raptor Lake (13th Gen)’s launch is just around the corner. However, for the mainstream Chinese market these CPUs will prove to be fruitful.

Not much is known in regards to the clock speeds, although, Loongson states that these CPUs are targeted at AMD’s Ryzen and EPYC series. 

Loongson’s Roadmap for chip manufacturing | Loongson via Wccftech

Release Date

Loongson plans to launch the 16-core variant of the 3C6000 sometime around 2023. Whereas the 32-core counterpart will arrive sometime later in 2023. The 7000 lineup will arrive in 2024 offering a massive 64 core count.

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