Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System Review

Logitech needs no introduction when it comes PC peripherals as the tech giant has earned quite a name after their successive G series mice. Logitech has been taking care of E-Sports with their headphones, mice and keyboards for a while. Sustaining 5.1 surround speakers race, Logitech announced the Z906 surround speakers with THX Certification. The Logitech Z906 embraces 4 satellites, a center channel, one wireless remote and one control console.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Best for Gamers


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Substantial bass and loud volume


  • No tweeters
  • Stands for satellites are not included

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Digital Formats: Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM | Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20 kHz | Wireless Remote: Yes | Output Source: None | Power Consumption (RMS): 500W | Input Impedance: 8,000 Ohms for analog, 75 Ohms for Digital Coax | SNR: 95 dB

VERDICT:Despite some downsides, Logitech Z906 is a 5.1 channel surround allrounder. It provides the user with a promising listening experience. Bass, lows, and highs are quite reasonable that makes the listening pretty much satisfying. Considering it also has wireless remote, price is reasonable as it can be found cheaper these days.

The first look of the Logitech Z906

It has a total of 500RMS as subwoofer itself consumes 165W. Each 4 of the satellite consumes about 67 Watts. Centre channel also gobble around 67w. So total RMS should be 500W (67 x 5= 135 + 165) logically. Let’s find out the details about these on paper wattage calculations.

What makes the Z906 Unique?

Well apart from 1000W tag on the box, we can find five satellite speakers, one Subwoofer,  Speaker connection, Wire 6-feet (1.82-m) six-channel direct cable, Stackable control console, Wireless remote, some 3 AAA batteries to power them up and lastly user documentation for installation. That’s pretty much it.

To get a better understanding of Logitech Z906 speakers, Let us discuss some technical thing briefly.

  • Working of a speaker – Speakers actually convert electrical audio signals into sound waves. Living organism hear different sounds due to a different frequency. Contrasting frequencies refer to the divergent audible frequency produced by the speakers that can range from 20 Hz, that is the frequency of deep bass to 20khz ( high pitch sound). Frequency of Logitech Z906 speakers ranges from 35Hz to 20kHz.  Speakers mostly consist of various parts (like tweeters, subwoofers, and woofers) to produce the sound of different frequency.
  • Stereo and Surround Speakers – Almost everyone thinks that the stereo and surround are actually the same terms. Well, there’s a bit of a difference.
    Stereo Setup

    The surround system mostly consists of 4.1, 5.1 channel surround system depending on the size of the room. For larger sized rooms, 7.1 channel surround system is recommended. Actually, the number before the dot represents the number of satellites (with the center channel) while after the dot represents the number of sub-woofer that is usually one. Surround systems require the user to be in mid and satellites surrounding the user from everywhere. Stereo setup is more like a theatre setup where the sound comes from the front of the user. It is basically a 2.1 channel setup with 2 satellites and 1 subwoofer usually. Logitech Z313 is a perfect example of a stereo speaker.

Build and design

Satellites and Center channel of Logitech Z906

Considering the price tag, we expect a premium build quality and design or at least reasonable enough to justify its price tag.  Let’s start with the design of the satellites.

Satellites and center channel

Keeping aside the center channel for a bit, let us take a look at the satellite. Each 4 of the satellites have the same design. An individual satellite of Logitech Z906 speakers weighs around 2 lbs or 890 grams. It has dimension of  6.5 inches or 166.3 mm x 3.9 inches or 100.3 mm x 3.7 inches or 93.5 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Logitech Z906 speakers has clean looking satellites. There’s no doubt about that. All the four front and back satellites are wall mountable. So, if you want satellites mounted into the wall. You wouldn’t find any difficulty. Unfortunately, Logitech Z906 only supports the stands for satellites but you have to buy them separately. That’s around 20$ of your money. We can find the THX Certification logo at the top and Logitech logo at the bottom.

The driver itself is in the middle. We can see a fine quality mesh protecting the driver from a little bit of dust and other particles. Mesh build quality is fine with pretty hard material being used. The material used is steel because that is what commonly used. So, in short words, no complains there. The white paper inside the mesh is called ‘Cone’. I think the quality of the driver is fine enough to show no cone breakup. I didn’t observe any cone breakup at a high frequency yet so that’s a good sign. The black circle surrounding the cone is the ‘Surround’.Additionally, the silver dome is what referred to as ‘Dust Cap’ Overall, design and build quality of Logitech Z906 is satisfying.

One absurd thing is the absence of tweeters in Logitech Z906 speakers. Tweeters are responsible for high-frequency sounds ( like the breaking of glass). I really wished to see tweeters in the Logitech Z906 speakers.

Since it is a 5.1 channel surround system, we are also given the center channel. It has exactly the same design and build quality. Logos are the same and the screws holding looks also the same. Center channel is just a 90 degrees tilted satellite.


Rear ports

Enough with the ups and downs of satellites, Let us take a glance at the subwoofer. First and foremost, Logitech Z906’s subwoofer is a complete cube shape-wise.  We can note that the front side is clear looking with the huge mesh and driver. The subwoofer’s driver size is about 8 inches that is quite big. Quality of the mesh is the same as of the satellites. The volume of a subwoofer can also be adjusted with the remote. The right side and upside of sub-woofer are pretty much flat. The left side has a  port. Now coming to the backside that’s where all the fun is happening

For output, we can see the spring-loaded connection type. What that means is that the satellites have a bare wire at the back and you have to plug them to subwoofers by unloading and loading the spring.
Make sure to plug in the correct side of satellites as the wrong ones can ruin your experience. It will be the same as putting the left side of handsfree on the right ear or vice versa.

Traditionally, orange, green and black TRS cables are used in 5.1-channel speakers. So same is the case here. You can either use a converter of TRS that makes it single from the other end. Well, it’s optional for sure. Also, we can connect the Logitech given control console at the back of sub-woofer.

Control Center

Control center with remote

The Control Centre, as the name suggests gives you control over settings like volume, bass and also provides basic ongoing information. Control Center is what makes it apart from previous surround system of Logitech that was Z506. Control Center is like an amplifier for Logitech Z906 speakers. The basic function of an amplifier is to power up the lower power audio signals to provide louder signals to sub-woofer. Amplifiers can really make a huge difference in any sound system. That’s what Control Centre is for. Control channel also lets you connect headphones with them. It’s an excellent implementation as you can get a better quality of sound compared to low-quality built-in DACs.


Finally, we can see a wireless remote in Z series. Many of the budget Z Series Logitech speakers came with the wired remote. I always found it convenient to have a wireless infrared mouse. Mostly budget speakers are meant to be used in short distances so maybe that’s why wired remotes are given with them.

Secondly, the remote is pretty standard with all standard controls. With the previous Z series of Logitech, most of the people complained about not having bass and treble control on the remote. Unfortunately, still is the case for those people as remote is simple and have no fancy controls. That is fine to me as I never cared for them. An equalizer can take care of those things. One good thing is the option to control the volume of all individual satellites. It just gives better control in my opinion.


The holes you see mostly in speakers are what knows as ‘Ports’. Ports actually let air in the chamber that decreases the pressure inside. In the end, power consumption also decreases drastically. On the other hand, sealed speakers produce a little bit better bass but with more power consumption. Good design of either speaker can improve the listening experience.

Ports are very much missing on satellites as well on the center channel. Looking at the design of the subwoofers, there is a really big circular vent for the passage of air. We will not observe the port noise issue in this case.


Okay, first of all, Logitech Z906 speakers are really loud. Let me start my judgment by first reminding you that it is not a budget sound system. So from mid-tier speakers, we expect mid-tier or better performance. Logitech has really done it this time, As we have discussed earlier total power consumption is 500 Watts. With this much power, it’s predictable that it is going to produce some serious bass. Logitech Z906 produces bass that can shake your windows for sure.

Secondly, the quality of the sound produced by satellites despite the absence of tweeters can give you really good high pitch sounds. Keeping in mind, if you are expecting too much high pitch sounds then it can disappoint you. Of course, without tweeters, it was expected that Logitech Z906 will not hit high notes. Yes lows are pretty good (30Hz is the minimum frequency supported by Logitech Z906 speakers)  and high (20 kHz is the maximum frequency supported by Logitech Z906 speakers) are reasonable but not a mind-blowing experience. Furthermore, 5.1 surround system with amplifier really makes the system go loud as I couldn’t go above 70% of total volume in my standard-sized room.

Flawless performance

While gaming, I tested Apex Legends and performance of Logitech Z906 was magnificent. I could differentiate and tell where my opponent was pushing me from. What else can you ask for while gaming? Personally in my opinion, for Multiplayer games one should look for headphones. On the other hand, for Singleplayer games, you can look for surround systems. Overall, Logitech Z906 offered promising experience in gaming.

Movies and music listening experience was great as well. Vocals were easy to catch as there was not any sort of distortion. One problem I hated the most on previous Logitech Z series speakers was that the louder you turn your volume up, more distortion and dull the sound becomes. It was clear that those speakers were trying hard to maintain a stable cycle of sound. They were lacking bass (except Z509). The case of Logitech Z906 is completely the opposite. Absence of cone breakup, on par bass,  is what makes Logitech Z906 speakers absolutely an eminent piece of work. Overall, listening to music and Dolby Audio codec movies experience was awesome. Lastly, I couldn’t find any noticeable issues whatsoever.


In a nutshell, Logitech Z906 has great 5.1 surround sound if you are willing to pay around 250$-300$. Logitech Z906 is indeed an upgrade from Z506 as you are getting Control Center and better sound quality. With the reasonable build quality and design, I can easily say Logitech is a solid speaker system. Installation setup was easy and straight forward. I was a bit disappointed as there were no tweeters considering it’s an expensive surround system. Tweeters are not there? fine, let’s just give consumers the stands so we can put the satellites to create a true 5.1 experience. Nevertheless,  highs and lows are stable and distortion-free. Volume is loud. Bass is stable and doesn’t lose its grip. For gaming as well as for Blu-Ray experience, Logitech Z906 performed really satisfying. Nowadays it is cheaper as you can find it anywhere between 240-280 U.S Dollars. Wireless remote really makes Logitech Z906 speakers more convenient.  Your listening experience may vary due to the placement of satellites. I prefer to put one (center channel) straight on my face, two satellites on both sides of the center channel and lastly two satellites behind me. I can recommend Logitech Z906 speakers to everyone especially if you would be lucky enough to find them for 200$.

Price at the time of review: $210

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System


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