Logitech Z313 2.1 Channel Multimedia Computer Speaker Review

Logitech Z313 Speaker Review

Basics without Bass

  • Highly affordable price tag
  • Attached remote for convenience of users
  • Cheap Build Quality
  • No Bluetooth
  • Inaccurate sound reproduction

Total Watt (RMS): 25W | Subwoofer: 15 W | Satellites: 2 x 5 W (10W) | Remote: Yes (Wired) | 3.5 mm input: 1 | Headphone jack: 1

VERDICT: Logitech Z313 doesn't produce breathtaking sound as simple as that. Yes, it's a good choice to replace your built-in monitor or television speaker but for the true listening experience, I guess it misses a thing or two. Vocals, Bass and high volume are not on point. Price is great without any doubt especially if it comes with a remote. It's a cheap choice but if you can spend a little more, some other options can be considered

The Logitech Z313 At First Glance

Holding the dreams of its loyal customers, Logitech stepped up the game once again with an exceptionally budget-friendly speaker system known as the “Z313”. It is a 2.1 channel stereo speaker system and an uplifted version of the Z213 stereo speaker. Just like every other 2.1 channels speaker, Logitech Z313 involves two satellites and one subwoofer

Speakers actually convert electrical audio signals into sound waves. Sound is all about frequency and the user receive contrasting experience at different frequencies.  Speakers mostly consist of various parts (like tweeters, subwoofers, and woofers) to produce the sound of different frequency. Contrasting frequencies refer to the divergent audible frequency produced by the speaker that can range from 20 Hz, that is the frequency of deep bass to 20khz that is the frequency of high pitch sound. Enough discussion about how sound works lets dive straight into the review.

Specifications and Overview


Logitech Z313 is actually a 2.1 speaker set. Commonly a 2.1 speaker set includes two stereo speakers and one subwoofer whereas the satellites produce highs and the mids, the subwoofer produces lows.  First of all, let us see what are the dimensions of Logitech Z313 are.

Starting with the dimensions of satellites they have a height of 5.75 inches or 146.2 millimeters. Width of the satellite is 35.4 inches or 89.4 millimeters. Depth of satellite is 3.2 inches 81 millimeters. Actually, the depth of the speaker refers to the baffles of speakers. Baffles are the outer cover that can change the sound of the speaker as well as save woofers, sub-woofers, and tweeters from dust and air particles. Dimensions of both the satellites are identical.

The dimension of sub-woofer is 9.0 inches or 228.4 millimeters in height. 6.0 inches or 150 millimeters in width while 8.66 inches or 220 millimeters in depth. Dimensions are pretty standard for a budget speaker.

Weight of a satellite is slightly above 1 pound (1lb) which makes it roughly 480 grams. 480 grams of weight do not represent the weight of individual satellite but of both satellites together. On the other hand, the weight of subwoofer is 5 pounds (5lb) that is roughly 2.3kg.

Build and design

Keeping in mind the price tag, we don’t expect premium quality build quality rather a plastic material.

Satellite of Logitech Z313

Before anything else, let us take a look at the satellite. If it is just about the looks then I can say it is a clean looking speaker. We can see the driver on top and port underneath it. Lastly, Logitech’s logo is at the bottom.

The driver is about 2 inches long and since there are no tweeters and fine quality crossovers. We may see cone breakup. Cone itself is made of paper, metal or other materials. The white paper in the picture is called ‘Cone’. The silver dome is what is referred to as ‘Dust Cap’. The cone shows breakup mostly at high frequency. This is due to most of the cheap material used in a cone. Cone breakup can be treated with various coatings.

As the price suggests, it is normal to see some kind of cone breakup in cheap speakers. With a cheap sound system like this, it is highly expected that it might distort at high volumes, we’ll be discussing this below.

If we zoom in a bit, we can see grill for the protection of the driver. Quality of mesh is pretty good as I think of no downside of it. Adequate talk about satellites, take a glance at Sub-woofers, We can note that front side is clear looking with the port having Logitech logo.

Subwoofer of Logitech Z313 with attached remote

The remote is attached with sub-woofer with wire. So, there are no wireless features of the remote. Remote has simple features to offer that is volume up and down. Secondly, you can turn off Logitech Z313 with it. Most of the people complain about not having bass and treble control on the remote.

Wired Remote of the Logitech Z313

Well, it comes to personal preference but I think the simpler it is, the better it is. Keeping in mind the price, I think having remote itself is enough. Arguably. it is a fun feature to have as no complex settings like bass adjustment are required on Remote. Quality of the product itself doesn’t justify bass control as it may make things little worse.

Talking about the back of the Logitech Z313. It is a pretty simple looking back. We can see two wires going out as one is for wired remote and second is for power input. Furthermore, a single 3.5mm jack port is available for output.

Lastly, the driver of sub-woofer is in the downside just to give better bass.  Looks like sub-woofer in Logitech Z313 are manufactured for only one sole purpose that is bass. Quality of cone is intermediate as we don’t expect much. The average operating frequency of Logitech Z313 is 250hz.


The backside of Logitech Z313 Subwoofer

The holes you see mostly in speakers are what knows as ‘Ports’. Ports actually let air in the chamber that decreases the pressure inside. In the end, power consumption also decreases drastically. On the other hand, sealed speakers produce a little bit better bass but with more power consumption. Good design of either speaker can improve the listening experience.

We can see ports on satellites as well on sub-woofers. Ports on satellites seem to be blocked from inside while ports of sub-woofers are just okay.  Looking at the design, we may observe the port noise issue.


Let me start our performance judgment by stating again that you should lower your expectations by considering the price. Total power intake of Logitech Z313 is 25w. Where sub-woofers take 15 watts and both satellites consume 10 watts of power collectively. There is no high-quality crossover whose job is to provide each driver with the best signal range that it can run on. So, tweeters can produce high-frequency sound and woofers can produce low-frequency audio signals.


Since there is no good quality traditional crossover, audio is being split between subwoofer and satellite on the same 250hz frequency. Considering this, sound quality should not be mind-blowing.

Overall, the sound experience isn’t much impressive. Even after playing with default equalizer and changing bass and treble setting, it was hard to enjoy music as it was intended to be.

The Sub-woofer of the Logitech Z313 Subwoofer

Vocals are hard to catch as there is a lot of distortion. One problem I hated the most was that the louder you turn your volume up, more distortion and dull the sound becomes. It seemed like it was changing its frequency or trying hard to maintain a stable cycle of sound. Bass was also not on point. Additionally, a bit of cone breakup and port noise was also present.

If you really want to listen to music, my advice is to get good headphones for 40$ as Logitech Z313 are not designed for hardcore music. If you need them for some basics listenings or you want to attach it to the Television to listen to some news then they are good to go. Again, with this price tag, you should lower your expectations as much as possible.


The main purpose of Logitech Z313 is to just give a sound. If you are lacking built-in speakers on your monitor and are on a budget, then Logitech Z313 is good to go choice. It clearly lacks quality bass and clear loud sound. The louder it gets, the worse it gets. Vocals are hard to hear with distorted bass and unclear sound. If u want to hear footsteps in FPS games then I’m afraid it may ruin your experience. Maybe DSP correction can help you if you are willing to dig deep. Interestingly, at 40$ you can’t complain a lot as you get a speaker that justifies its price. It’s always great to have a low range speaker for people who are looking for a speaker for their children or any other sole purpose rather than listening to some quality music. Some people may complain about the limitations of functions on the remote. In my opinion, the remote should only have a basic function that it covers. Lastly, Logitech Z313 is a better choice if you are willing to pay double the price of Logitech Z313 for a peerless experience. Otherwise, Logitech Z313 is an excellent bang for your bucks.

Logitech Z313 2.1 Channel Multimedia Computer Speakers


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