Logitech and Tencent Team Up to Develop a Handheld Console for Cloud Gaming

Will support multiple services like xCloud and GeForce Now

As it turns out, Logitech and Tencent recently announced a partnership to develop a handheld console for cloud gaming. While being an unlikely duo, Logitech is one of the biggest PC/console peripheral manufacturers, and Tencent is the biggest Chinese Gaming conglomerate, so there’s definitely a lot of potential here. 

The choice of going handheld is very understandable given the recent success of the formfactor with the Steam Deck. But the most interesting aspect is its cloud gaming focus. While it might seem like an odd decision at first, there’s a massive pricing advantage there for Logitech and Tencent. A cloud gaming handheld wouldn’t need expensive hardware like the Steam Deck, and given the console will use 3rd-Party steaming solutions like xCloud and GeForce NOW, the overall scope of OS and compatibility issues will also reduce. 

Logitech G and Tencent Games share a mutual vision of the future of gaming and are committed to ensuring the quality of experience comes together seamlessly to deliver on the exciting promise of gaming from the cloud. Cloud gaming utilizes data center servers to stream video games to consumers. There’s no need to download or install PC or console games. Instead, games are rendered and played on remote servers, and users interact with them locally on their devices. 

With the advent of 5G, and fast fibre internet across the world, cloud gaming is an increasingly viable option. If the console manages to integrate most of the big cloud gaming providers, it will have a sizeable library as well, given the ever expanding selection in xCloud, Stadia and other such services. While the experience of having the hardware available locally is still supreme, it’s not very hard to imagine a future where gaming has fully adapted to cloud. This ultimately could be Logitech and Tencent’s attempt to stay ahead of the tech curve, and carve out a niche in the extremely competitive gaming console business

The partnership announcement blog post doesn’t delve into further details about the handheld console itself, but does mention that it’s going to arrive sometime later this year


Indranil Chowdhury

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