Logitech Might Acquire Another Big Gaming Peripheral Company

Earlier today Reuters reported that Logitech is in discussions to acquire Plantronics Inc., the U.S. based earphones and headphones manufacturer with a range of products from Bluetooth headphones as well as earbuds, gaming and professional headphones as well as audio peripherals to complement their existing range of products.

This new acquisition by Logitech will be it’s largest, sitting at their current offer of more than 2.2 Billion USD, on Friday, when Plantronics had a market cap of 2 Billion USD. If these negotiations are successful between the two companies then this acquisition could be underway and closed in the month of November itself.

Logitech has been expanding its range, especially in the audio input and output department as we have seen them make 3 big acquisitions over the last few years which follow

  • 2016: Jaybird (50 million USD), Saitek (13 million USD)

  • 2017: Astro Gaming (85 million USD)

  • 2018: Blue (117 million USD)

It’s evident that Logitech wants to expand their territory and capture the sound market whether it be gaming or sports audio peripherals and Logitech is willing to go all out with this one even after the $117 million Blue acquisition which took place earlier this year.

An acquisition like this enables Logitech to launch more consumer-based products, both wired and wireless to compete with the biggest names like Sony and Boss. This deal would also enable the companies to keep their manufacturing costs lower with the introduction of import tariffs from China into the United States.

Nothing is official right now, but we’re sure that details will be disclosed fairly soon as more unravels about this deal.

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