Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Review

Choosing the right mouse is a crucial task for you, be it for gaming purpose or just simple use. Everyone wants the best and everyone wants to have something reliable. With the Logitech logo printed onto any peripheral, it’s hard to not acknowledge that reliability. They have a reputation that makes them stand out and have put out a number of amazing keyboard and mouse.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed

Extreme Battery Performance

  • 500 hours battery life
  • HERO sensor is highly accurate and latency free
  • Stable and reliable wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth and Lightspeed wireless options for connectivity
  • Non-chargeable battery

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Sensor: HERO | DPI: 200-12,000 | Battery: 500 hours | Buttons durability: 20 million clicks

VERDICT:The G603 is an ergonomically designed, low latency wireless mouse with Logitech's Lightspeed technology to back it up. Despite being both a wireless and a gaming mouse, the price seems to be very reasonable for what the G603 has to offer. Its superb connectivity, steady performance and 500 hours of battery usage will sway any potential buyer. A few ups and downs that you'll have to make peace with but the G603 is a mouse we highly recommend.

Logitech G603 Lightspeed mouse

With the new Lightspeed technology that Logitech put forth, you can just about forget the latency problem that comes with wireless mice. Their Powerplay mousepad solved the battery problem that came with wireless mice, but that is only restricted to the G703 and G903 models. So, what does Logitech offer with their G603 wireless mouse?


Unpack the G603 from its box and you’ll notice a similarity. Not only is the mid-profile arch similar to most of Logitech’s mice but the G603 bears a striking resemblance to the G703. With a fairly small frame size of 4.9 x 2.7 inches, the G603 sits comfortably at your desk for a desktop or a laptop. The upper section of this mouse has a grey matte finishing whereas the sides including the buttons have a black matte finishing. Although the G603 is in the gaming mice category of the Logitech mice, it has no over the top design additions that make it stand out as one.

Matte gray and black finishing with the Logitech logo on top

This fairly small-sized mouse has quite an ergonomic design with its arched shape and curved sides for a better grip. Unlike the G502, the G603 does not have a thumb rest nor does it have textured sides. The combination of these two is always a delight to look at and use. The G603 is ideally made for the right-handed users, with a steep curve on the left and a slight curve on the right. This mouse is strictly wireless and you can pull out the USB dongle from underneath the grey panel on the top. You really need to keep the dongle close at all times since there is no option for wired connectivity with this mouse. Due to the arch shape and the curved sides, the G603 can easily be used by both claw and palm grip users.

The G603 has a total of 6 programmable buttons that you can use the way you like it. First off, there are the two primary left and right mouse buttons. Next off, you have the two side buttons, a scroll wheel button and a DPI button at the top. With all the buttons being ideally placed, everything will seem comfortable to you. The two side buttons are easy to reach. Due to this, using the two side buttons will not be as strenuous and it will not build up over time as you use the mouse more and more. The buttons are tactile and produce a nice clicking sound. Most notably, the internal switches are angle so you don’t have to push in the buttons perpendicularly. Other than that, you have the DPI button at the top with a little light indicator to show DPI sensitivity.

What’s in the box?

Turn the G603 over and you’ll see two additional buttons. One switch toggles between the Endurance mode and Performance mode and the other switches between the Lightspeed wireless receiver and Bluetooth. We’ll talk more about these two in further detail. Other than that, you’ll see that the G603 has two long pads stuck at the bottom in a curved arc shape. This mouse has no over the top lights etc as they contribute a lot to sucking up the battery. At the bottom is the HERO optical sensor, handcrafted by Logitech themselves. It provides efficiency and performance miles ahead of most of the other competitors.


The highlight of the G603 is its phenomenal wireless functionality via, what Logitech likes to call it, Lightspeed technology. You can either connect it over Bluetooth or through the wireless dongle that comes with the mouse. The Lightspeed wireless technology gives a rapid 1ms response time, minimum delays and a highly stable connection. Lightspeed offers a more reliable and steady connection than your traditional means. That, paired with Logitech’s new HERO sensor makes the G603 experience purely an amazing one.

Replacing the batteries

The G603 does not have rechargeable batteries, unlike the G703. Instead, you pop open the top cover and put in 2 AA batteries to get this mouse going. But don’t let this alarm you because the battery life in the G603 is far from worrisome. Logitech has stated that the G603 will last you 500 hours- that is 2 months of battery with 6 hours a day being put in. The Lightspeed is part of the reason why the battery time is so phenomenal with the G603. To some, the 500 hours might not seem enough but the travelers will quickly appreciate how important this is. Plus, you can get AA batteries from almost anywhere so they’re pretty easy to acquire as well. Unfortunately, there is no recharging on the batteries and you’ll need a new pair every time.


On the software end of things, you have Logitech’s Gaming Software that you will be using. Gaming Software is one of the most intuitive and easy to use peripheral hub out there. It allows you to customize the 6 buttons, set up profiles for each individual game, change DPI and polling rate and more. Since the G603 has no lighting control, the Gaming Software does not allow an option for that. But, it really doesn’t matter all that much since you lighting on a mouse always seem to be a bit overkill. That is a personal preference for sure, however, in wireless mice, you want the best battery. And in order to do that, you have to cut down on the extra lights.


Logitech’s G603 is marketed and intended to be a gaming mouse. So, the testing for this mouse can not be complete if we don’t ask the ultimate question. How well does it actually work during gaming hours?

A finely made mouse

The battery efficiency of the G603 is a double-edged sword. While being idle, the G603 automatically powers down to a low-level mode so battery life is conserved. Surely, this is great as the 500 hours battery claim is the result of that. However, it can have a negative impact on gaming. Say you’re playing a game where you must camp down for a few minutes. That will trigger the battery preservation mode as well. So you ought to be cautious about that.

The button switches feel very tactile and responsive. Plus, the G603’s amazing connectivity ensures that you experience no input lag at all. And the mouse stays paired over a distance of 10 feet, so you’ve got nothing to worry about on that end. No matter what the task, the cursor will always be where you want it to, provided you can control the DPI. The new HERO sensor that Logitech first used in the G603 works amazingly well, offering DPI of 200 – 12,000. The G603 takes no hits in terms of performance and performs remarkably well for not just a wireless mouse but a gaming mouse in general.


If you’re in the market looking for a wireless mouse, the G603 is undoubtedly one of the best options out there for you. No matter what your main objective is- be it gaming or other stuff, the G603 will not disappoint. The HERO sensor is highly accurate and the buttons are tactile and responsive. The only real downer is the non-rechargable battery but AA batteries are pretty cheap and easy to get hands-on. Additionally, it does offer comparatively fewer features than some of Logitech’s over the top gaming mice- such as G502, but the overall experience is very pleasant. You get a wireless gaming mouse that is not as expensive as some of the stuff out there on the shelves but, has a stable connection and is super accurate.

Price at the time of review: $58

Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse


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