Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G300S Gaming Mouse

An Ambidextrous Master Piece

  • Nine programmable controls
  • High-accuracy optical gaming sensor
  • Seven configurable lighting colors
  • Onboard memory profiles
  • Slight tacky resistance
  • No braided cable

Body Type: Ambidextrous | Connectivity: Wired | Lighting: 7 colours

VERDICT:Logitech G300S is associated with a very reasonable price and a well-built chassis that rocks one of the best optical sensors that you can come across in the budget segment. This remarkable mouse is a result of what an ideal combo of perfection with power can do.

Ever since the advent of computers, an essential component which basically drives the interface is the mouse and things would get relatively complex or perhaps unbearable if you remove the importance of a cursor from the interface. From the initial trackball mice to the conventional optical sensor powered ones that we use today, the mouse industry has come a long way into making their products more efficient and of course faster.

Logitech has been playing its part in this revolution fairly well as it has always been among the kings of the leaderboard with its exceptional build quality and precision crafted products that define a class of its own. Specifically, the PC peripheral segment has been dominated by Logitech by a while now as they still strive for excellence. It does have to face a significant amount of rivalry to maintain its position in the market as competitors are constantly pushing out bigger and better releases.

The iconic shape of the g300s

Now to keep up with the budget and performance spectrum in this regard, the G300S is Logitech’s take at keeping up with their legacy in terms of premium output and build quality. It comes packed with a ton of features along with the ultimate customizability that you can expect from it. It boasts an ambidextrous design which means that it can be used with either the left or right hand.

It practically contains all the bells and whistles of an ideal gaming mouse and then some aesthetic add-ons that the user can benefit from such as the blue exterior or RGB lighting effects. Tag along for the ride as we take you on a journey to uncover whether this mouse is good for you or not:

The first look of the G300s


The G300S is quite elegant with a black and slightly turquoise outlook and a blue touch. An impressive trait to take into consideration here would be that despite the glossy finish, it does not retain any fingerprints or smudges. The compact design fits perfectly in any hand and resonates with a sturdy feel to the touch. The belly of the mouse is of a nice blue color accompanied by a black scheme of rubber padding at the bottom.

The symmetrical design allows for it to be used with the left or right hand and the symmetrical placement of the programmable buttons is also quite a strong advocate of the ambidextrous shape that it holds with Logitech’s legacy of power and endurance.

Durable with rough handling and endurance test with heavy clicks and vigorous taps was a success as it passed with flying colors in terms of durability. The rugged design definitely paves the way for futureproofing your purchase as you won’t be needing a new mouse anytime soon after this.

Packed with the ultimate hardware

Each of the buttons that Logitech crafted is designed to last 10 million clicks each including the 9 programmable buttons that are on the top and sides that allow you to play away without your mouse giving up on you. The cord is quite long so if you are using it with a laptop then it may become a nuisance but on a PC it would fit and settle in perfectly.

The packaging itself is quite minimalistic and from the looks of it, it seems like any other ordinary mouse you would come across in this price range but with a generous feel of course. However, the performance speaks quite differently in all measures. The box also boasts the blue theme that the mouse has by default. In the box, you get the mouse itself which is wrapped around the interior plastic chamber with a quick start guide and a manual with your warranty instructions. You can also register your product on Logitech’s website to avoid any sort of inconvenience in the future.



On the belly, you would also find the optical sensor that can successfully track slow and fast movements on almost any surface but for ideal results, Logitech recommends their own wide range of gaming mouse pads. This will increase your precision and speed while gaming at your favorite FPS title.

The G300s is supported by Polytetrafluoroethylene feet which reduce friction and allow the mouse to be fluid and extremely accurate on anything that it gets placed on, these feet have also been quality tested through a drag of 250+ kilometers which is quite phenomenal. The sides are also covered with a rubber compound that is pleasant to touch and the small bumps are great at increasing your grip. This is great for all those crazy sessions where your hands sweat from all the excitement that you are going through.

Not all games require a highly expensive mouse and the G300S is the perfect example of it. You get a bit of everything and that too just within $40. More importantly, it weighs just about 2 ounces that is 82 gms to be precise along with a cable that is 6.5 ft or 2 meters long.

The cable is the element which suffers the most when it comes to the cost-cutting trait that Logitech as acted upon. The cable is quite mediocre in terms of aesthetics and build quality as it does not have any sort of fiber braiding or fabric enclosure. The cable is entirely naked to any sort of harm which might occur due to wear and tear over extensive or prolonged usage. The cable performs fine but there definitely is room for improvement.


Another plus point that helps it stand out or flourish is the type of customization that it allows. This is important because the mouse is one of the most utilized computer components. Therefore, a programmable mouse is the way forward and the G300S has programmable controls which are quite enough for almost all sorts of FPS games available today and the controls are quite easy to reach without ever taking your hand off the mouse.

You can control push to talk in-game communications, edit DPI settings while gaming or simply move your keyboard commands on one of the buttons. The world is that simple with the G300S.


The G300S is only capable of storing 3 gaming profiles at a single instance and most gaming models don’t need more than this, even more, to see which profile is active, you can also assign different lighting setups to dedicate each effect to their respective profiles for your convenience.

You can see the difference and the color shift in the side stripes. The interface of the configuration software is intuitive. All you have to is drag and drop commands on the buttons that you see on your screen.

DPI can be regulated from a low of 200 to a high of 2500. The DPI settings are variable and can be managed from two places, first, are the buttons beneath the scroll on the mouse itself and the second is the proprietary gaming software that you would require a decent internet connection to install.

It comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty to ensure that it lasts you a long time even when you’re using it as your daily driver for more than a couple of hours a day.


The G300S is equipped with automatic game detection so your profiles can change automatically according to the game that you are playing. This feature is extremely useful if you prefer a higher level of customization for gaming activities as opposed to PC activities.

You should also know that the G300s also supports a 1-millisecond report rate. This is the speed that data is sent to the computer. And this mouse is quite fast in terms of data transfer speeds and communication to the PC.

This means no lag in fast games, no bottlenecks and this would ultimately fare better than a lot of its competitors in the long run. Both the Logitech mouse and the proprietary software associated with it would work with Windows Vista and supported up till the latest Windows 8 and 10. You would only require one USB 2.0 or 3.0 to connect your device and voila! You’re good to go.

Front End Look

The proprietary software also comes packed with a ton of features that you can play around with. It includes the ability to program any of the 9 available buttons and even add keyboard commands to it.

Another prominent feature would include onboard memory management that revolves around a toggle switch which lets you decide if you wish to utilize the profiles onboard the mouse or the computer. You can also adjust the DPI settings along with the LED lighting effects. You can also change your polling rate too.


Logitech G300S combines precision with power allows the space for you to expand your horizons whether you need it for everyday productivity/multitasking or venturing through your favorite FPS titles, this is the way to go forward as it combines two of the main selling points that Logitech has established over the years and that is perseverance and performance. This is highly recommended for gamers and users with production based needs can also make good use of it in terms of video editing, etc.

The ambidextrous shape backed up by the appealing aesthetics and robust design which can last up to its entire designated lifetime. The switches are perfectly situated for ease of use with customizable features than exceed expectations. All of this is provided to you at a very low cost. This might not be the perfect mouse to ever exist but it surely gets the job done well.

Logitech G300S Gaming Mouse


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