Logitech to Launch “G Fits” Wireless RGB Earbuds for Mobile Gaming

With a forthcoming cloud gaming portable and the recently anticipated “G FITS,” a set of fully wireless earphones with RGB built right into the ear tips, Logitech looks to have shifted its focus to the mobile gaming industry.

The Logitech G brand is well recognized for its high-end headphones, keyboards, and mouse for PC gaming. However, the brand has since grown to include more gaming platforms. That extends to virtual reality, for which Logitech created some headphones for the Meta Quest 2. The business now seems to be entering the mobile game industry.

The Logitech “G FITS” look like ordinary wireless earbuds with a charging case and silicone ear tips. 91Mobiles also shared a sneak glance at the smartphone app, which suggests that there may be other colour choices and at least a few adjustability options; however, there’s no indication of ANC.

Image: 91Mobiles

In keeping with their gaming emphasis, these Logitech earbuds look to include support for RGB in the ear tips as its distinguishing feature. This may or may not be configurable, but it’s still a clever idea. The USB-A and USB-C dongles that seem integrated with the earphones may be more intriguing. These should enable a non-Bluetooth connection to PCs and other devices, with decreased latency most likely serving as the distinguishing trait.

These are not the first completely wireless earphones from Logitech. The Logitech Zone debuted with ANC and a $299 USB dongle with a PC for business calls. It seems sensible to expect that a new entry focused on gaming will take a lot of lessons from those earbuds, maybe with a more approachable pricing point.

Further research reveals that the rumoured “G FITS” resemble the UE Fits, a pair of wireless earphones made by Ultimate Ears, the parent company of Logitech. They cost around $250 and have a distinctive design structure, and a purple LED light within the ear tips that make them stand out. It might be said that Logitech is inspired by the design of UE Fits and wants to incorporate a product with a similar appearance in its gaming lineup.

Image: UE

Although a release date for the Logitech “G FITS” is not yet known, it seems logical to assume they will be available at the same time as the anticipated cloud gaming handheld, if not sooner.


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