Log Into GTA Online this Week and Collect $1m In-game Cash

This week in GTA Online, Rockstar is handing out free in-game cash to all players. The generous act is part of the End of the Summer Celebration which involves over a million GTA dollars available for all players to claim. The game is also getting a new vehicle called the Canis Freecrawler, and a remix of the Trading Places adversary mode.

End of the Summer Celebration

To celebrate one of GTA Online’s most eventful summers, players are entitled to a bunch of goodies. By logging into the game any time this week, players will be rewarded $250,000. Moreover, for each subsequent day you play this week, an additional $150,000 will be given to you. By playing every day for the next week, the cash rewards will total up to about $1.15 million. Cash rewards are not the only bonuses, as logging in once will also unlock a Paradise T-shirt, and liveries for the Oppressor MK II and the Pegassi Oppressor. All cash rewards will be deposited into players’ in-game bank accounts before September 17th. Until September 10th, Business Battle wins will also grant players double the usual amount of cash and RP.

Canis Freecrawler

The latest addition to the Legendary Motorsport store is the rugged, off-roader SUV named the Canis Freecrawler. Featuring four-wheel drive, heavy suspension, dominating torque and bodywork modeled directly from a cinder block,” the vehicle will set you back $597,000.

Canis Freecrawler

Trading Places Remix

Recently, Rockstar has started deploying reworked versions of their popular adversary game modes. The most recent remix, Hunting Pack, was a success, so much so that Rockstar extended the double cash and RP bonuses from the game mode to last another week. In this version of the game mode, two variants, Podium Finish and Pass the Parcel, are available. Starting now until September 17th, Trading Places Remix will reward players will double cash and RP.

This week’s discounted items include a bunch of high-end vehicles, aircrafts, nightclubs and other properties. The Pegassi Oppressor and the X80 Proto are currently 40% off, and Hangar and Executive Office properties are also going cheap. For the full list of discounts, head on over to the official Rockstar news post.

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Log Into GTA Online this Week and Collect $1m In-game Cash

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